Keep your feet on the ground!

Have you seen in yourselves before that running is your passion?

The same month last year was introduced the running to be part of my passion of my office mate who into running. After our office tasks from 9 to 6 he will start preparing for his training for the upcoming running events. He always tried to invite me for several times, but that time running for me is a very tiresome sports that’s why I don’t understand why some people love to join an event like this. At first, most of the gun start schedule early as 04:00 am, an indolent task to do.

October 2011, I started to search upcoming running events in a cheaper price so I can experience running and answers some of the questions playing in my mind. The first ever that I’ve joined the run is the Run for Pasig River 2011 where about 80,000 participants filled the Roxas Boulevard who supported and most of them are students coming from different prominent universities such as Ateneo, UST, UP, etc. Starting line along Roxas Blvd was surrounded by fun and excitement, some of them wearing their β€œgimmick” costumes, kids, artists and many more that makes the event evoke and unforgettable. Before I reach to become one of the running enthusiasts I spent more time in workouts at the fitness center, no enough goals just to have a perfect body shape. πŸ˜€ Weird, but when I got into running I started making my goals in terms of sports.

In running I learned to be disciplined in different aspects except in foods for me it’s more fun in eating, but in the other side I learned a lot in this passion, patience, perseverance and how to push my limits in different challenges. Waking up around 04:00am weekdays to send myself on the road and ran about 10km per day before I go to the office is not too easy especially if this is not your usual routine every morning, I have done this because of my dedication to win at least one event.: D My training ground is from Heritage Manila straight to Buendia then turned going to SM Mall of Asia vice versa. In this passion you will force to make a routine schedule not to skip running any of your day.

When my foot and legs are truly engaged in running that time, I started to seek some of the upcoming events, since I was new in running I don’t have enough idea on how I can start and choose a perfect event that I will totally enjoy. So, I searched some of the running reference websites where I can get the full information of every event. In my continued participation I also love to collect singlets, bibs and other giveaways from the events. Before I register I will look first if the race shirts or singlets had a great color and design. πŸ˜€ so you also? Medals, hmm.. my great collections a proof that I participated and I’m pretty sure that I finished the race!

One of the best that I received and learned from running is to share what I’ve experienced thru posting of running event reviews, upcoming and about my personal experiences in my blog. I am not too familiar with gramarization and other stuffs needed to express through the use of a Universal Language. And this is one of my weaknesses in terms of writing, before I’m not interested to do this but I want to share how happy I am to have this passion that’s why I came up to launch this blog β†’ though I am not good in written skills but hope those simple words can touch everyone’s heart to feel how I blessed when I into running. Aside from sharing, when I’m in the office most of the topic with my office mates are all about running. Now, every time I open my computer the first thing to do is to check my blog.

Here’s a short sharing of my thoughts when I get into running, though I’m not the top finisher/ winner but I crossed the finish line so I concluded myself a winner, through my dedication and goals that’s why I ended up the race fully enjoyed and satisfied. So, are you going to run with yourselves?

Never limit yourself if your mind and heart tell you to continue whatever it is.

Now, I’m looking forward to continue this race until I reached all of my goals not only in the racetrack but also in the race of life.

Thanks God for giving me a great whole year after engaging in this passion, and keeping me, my family, my friends safe all the time. It’s my first year! Keep running, until you reach your goal!


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