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Isla ng Catanduanes Ultramarathon 2017

After the success of the very first Isla ng Catanduanes Ultramarathon last October 2016, ICU 110km | 65km is returning this October for another adventure in country’s “Happy Island” – Catanduanes. Last year, we gathered a total of 90 participants excluding the guests and spectators for both categories came from different areas of the Philippines and one in Singapore. Majority of them participated the 65km category which designed for the first timers with long distance experiences and the rest is in 110km. The 110km is the main highlight of the event that is strictly the only candidates are well-experienced hardcore runners as we take them to a tough but fun and breathtaking views of the race routes. The race covers four (4) barrios of Virac, San Andres, Bato and Baras that will satisfy the overall running experience of the participants.

110km participants group photo at Virac Plaza Rizal

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Join the Mizuno Squad Run

Nothing is better than working out with the squad!

Isn’t feeling good that most of the brands are exerting efforts to recapture and reunite all types of runners in the community?


Last Wednesday (October 26, 2016), we had privileged to participate in the official launched of the MIZUNO SQUAD RUN at Track 30th Bonifacio Global City! The Mizuno Squad Run was created to keep the fellowship within the community over their individual goals. In line with their mantra “Never Settle” in the form of their innovated products everything is possible to go beyond both individual and squad goals, just keep on going.

Mizuno is also recognized as one of the most innovative brand of shoes.

The squad run spearheaded by the certified coaches Ige Lopez, Patrick Joson and Squad Leads Allan Enriquez & Nea Barcena. Participated with more than 20 runners that gathered together to support the initiative and took the drills that will help improve their running skills. The program comprises of dynamic warm-ups, running drills, run and did some fun core workouts afterwards.


Join the squad every Wednesday starting October 26, 2016 at Track 30th Bonifacio Global City, Registration is absolutely FREE!

Participants who come in their Mizuno Shoes will be able to avail of privileges that will be discussed on opening day. This activity is open to all BGCitizens and pre-registered participants at the Mizuno Bonifacio High Street Store.


 To join and be a member of the squad, PRE-REGISTER at the Mizuno Bonifacio High Street Store today! Limited slots only.

Mizuno Squad Run Program Schedule:

Task Time
Registration and Attendance 6:00-6:15pm
Introduction to the Squad Run, Run Academy & Opening remarks 6:15pm – 6:20pm
Warm-up 6:20pm – 6:25pm
Short Run 6:25pm -6:35pm
Running Drills 6:35pm – 7:00:pm
Rest/Water Break 7:00pm – 7:10pm
Squad Run 7:10pm – 7:40pm
Cool Down and end of session 7:40pm – 8:00pm

 For more information, visit:
Mizuno Philippines Facebook Page

1st Isla ng Catanduanes Ultra Marathon 2016

A sea of dedicated and brave runners will sweep the roads of Catanduanes as over a hundred participants are expected to participate in the 1st Isla ng Catanduanes Ultra Marathon 2016 to be held on October 21 and 22, 2016 in the capital of the Island, Virac. The event will cater to enthusiasts from all walks of life, young and old, professionals and beginners, foreigners and locals. The Ultra Marathon will prove to be a celebration of what runners of every shape, size or age can achieve.

The event will also be boasting the picturesque destinations of Catanduanes. Each participant will get to see and experience for themselves the charm of the province. As your organizer together with my friend Lao Ogerio, we both natives of the province, we have expressed the desire to promote the island not only as a destination for runners to get together and be fit but also as a place where they can get just take a breath and appreciate the stunning vistas. Another advocacy of the event is to help the Philippine Red Cross and to support the projects and programs of the province.

We’ve been in the running community for years.  We both have equally invested time and effort to sustain a healthy lifestyle, something we wants would-be runners to be inspired to do. Now, it’s our time and time to pay back to our island that had been our home for years. Join us on our adventure and help us achieve our goals towards the island.

Poster Short low

BLOG: A short escapade
Event Name: 1st Isla ng Catanduanes Ultra Marathon 2016
Event Date: October 21 – 22, 2016
Venue: Virac, Catanduanes

Registration Fees:

Regular Registration fee (until September 30, 2016)
110k – Php 2500
65k – Php 2000
5k – Php 250

Early Bird Registration (until July 15, 2016)
110k – Php 2000
65k – Php 1500

110km – Bib, Finisher’s Medal, Finisher’s Trohpy, Finisher’s Shirt, Certificate and Post Meal
65k – Bib, Finisher’s Medal, Finisher’s Trohpy, Finisher’s Shirt, Certificate and Post Meal
5k – Singlet and Bib
Note: Top 3 Male and Female of 110km and 65km will receive podium trophies.

Gun Start Time:
110km – 10:00PM, October 21, 2016
65km – 04:00A.M., October 22, 2016
5km – 06:00 A.M., October 22, 2016

Cut-off time
110km – 24 hours
65km – 14 hours

How to register:
Payment thru Bank Deposit

Bank: Banco De Oro
Account Number: 7340280720
Account Name: Laurencio A. Ogerio

Send your deposit slip via email to jhamnich@gmail.com together with your name, contact number and shirt size.




Rules and Regulations:

  1. All participants must be at the starting area 2 hours before the gun start.
  2. Mandatory Gears:
    110km Runners
    –  reflectorized vest
    – hydration bag
    – headlamp or flashlight
    – aid kit
    – snacks
    65km Runners
    –  reflectorized vest
    – hydration bag
    – headlamp or flashlight
    – aid kit
    – snacks
  3. Participants should be 18 years old and up.
  4. Race Bib must be visible at all times.
  5. Motorcycle and Bicycle are strictly prohibited. Support is optional. Just in case you have your support vehicle, it must be registered to the race organizer. Failure to do so will result to disqualification.
  6. Support Vehicle must be always at the right side of the runners.
  7. Runners and support crew are not allowed to litter; anyone caught for this will lead to disqualification. Let us all help preserve the island.
  8. Support Vehicle and crew will not follow the runner at all times ( shadowing)
  9. 110km and 65km participants will run in an open traffic.
  10. Runners are required to run at the left side of the road for safety reason.
  11. Runners who want to leave the race or want to discontinue the race he/she must notify the race officials.
  12. Runners are not allowed to enter to his support vehicle.
  13. Runners are allowed to sleep only outside the support vehicle.
  14. All Runners must follow the correct route.
  15. Runners must run in single file.
  16. Pacers are not allowed.
  17. Registration fee is non-Refundable and non-Transferrable.
  18. The organizer will provide aid stations along the route. (The distance of each station to be announced.)
  19. Every participant MUST finish his leg within the cut-off time if he fails he/she can still continue to run.
  20. To those who finished the race within the cut-off time 65k and 110k participants will receive Finisher Shirts, Finisher Trophies, Medals and post- race meals.
  21. Organizers have the right to remove any participants from the race either because of cheating, not following rules or due to medical emergencies.
  22. Top Finisher for 110K and 65K both Male and Female (Champion, Ist and 2nd Runner-up) will receive A Podium Trophy and entitled to a free slot next year’s edition of ICUM (2017).
  23. Claiming of race kits and race briefing date, place and time to be announced.
  24. Rain or shine the event will takes place.
  25. The 110k distance is open to all who finished several ultra – marathon distances.
    Note: The organizer may require you to submit copies of finisher and medical certificates when necessary. Medical certificates are required to submit for safety purposes.
  26. The 65k distance is open to all who finished at least one (1) marathon or  ultra-marathon. First timers are welcome to participate but will undergo with the assessment.
    Note: The organizer may require you to submit copies of finisher certificates if there’s any. Medical certificates are required to submit for safety purposes.
  27. All the participants MUST sign the WAIVER before the race.
  28. Race kit claiming date and venue to be announced very soon.
  30. Be prepared and don’t think it would be an easy feat, but it will be a fun and outstanding adventure.
  31. There will be no cash prizes to be given to the top finishers.
  32. ICUM Organizer, at any time, may make changes on the course and race details or rules for the benefit of all runners.
  33. Any runner caught cheating or violating the race rules will be subject to outright disqualification. The Race Organizer’s decision is final.
  34. Enjoy the race. Run if you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just don’t QUIT!
  35. Register now, limited slots only for the 110KM and 65KM.
  36. Good luck and hope to see you!

For more information, you may contact
0909 825 6457 | 0999 902 8886

or email at jhamnich@gmail.com.

TNF 100 PH: First half, Me; in the Second half,Us

Before heading on to my adventure I want to take this chance first to thank the Primer Group of Companies most especially to Aileen Frugal for taking care of us during our stay in Baguio, for continued trust and support. The story of this great journey wouldn’t be possible without you guys, thank you for the great opportunity.

Team represent, the Media and Bloggers
Primer Group of Companies Queen – Aileen Frugal and bloggers (Photo credit to Denniz Ravanzo)

Trail Running is one of the best I have done since I came into running. This is the only time that you will see the majestic sights and a chance to appreciate the beauty and greatness of our mother nature. A week ago, we, group of media and bloggers has given the opportunity again to partake in one of the prominent trail running in the country and in Asia, the North Face 100 Philippines. It attracts hundreds of local and foreign hardcore runners. As one of the participants of half-crazy 50k distance I must say that on trails “struggle is real” yet the race experience is worth to keep and share.

I joined the last year’s toughest TNF 100 (TOUGHEST, according to the runners who had been racing in previous events of the North Face) and I myself actually witnessed the anguish passed on by the participants as I conquered the 50k distance too. The unlimited rolling hills along with the intense heat of the sun will definitely test your physical and psychological limits. 😀 From then, all the good and bad experiences from my very first ultra trail served as a lesson for me. Lessons not just hand round to become a great runner but a good person.

“For you to be able to stay in your career/passion never underestimates the path, give respect and put your best effort.”

Photo credit to Jefferson Chua

I might say that TNF 100 Philippines is a must-to-experience trail run. But in order to earn courage to signup you have to be fully prepared in any circumstances that might see or face along the trails. You always expect the worst. There are no easy trails. It has a minimal presence of the road. The paths are maybe rocky and slippery. Some of the trails are well-established, some are not. You will surprise by unlimited steep hills but once you reach the peak you will just realize that all of your hard work in running ups and downs the mountain is worth it and rewarding. I am not discouraging you to try in fact I am inviting you to try for once; I promised you will love the trails most especially if you will meet random people working out in the same passion then afterwards become your friends. Have the privilege to emerge with the nature.

Digging my experience in this year’s TNF 100 was totally like chalk and cheese compared to my previous trail races. It’s my routine to do a post even write up but this time it’s completely different from the old ones. The story is not all about me; it’s all about us, between me and the people that I met along the trails. Perhaps, we have differences inside of us however I have one thing that I am sure that we have in common, the love of passion despite of fatigue and hardship.

Prior the big event, the organizer conducted a short briefing to all the participants. The best time to get to know more about the event, cut-off times, rules and regulations, chance to meet and greet the participants from various places.

Race Briefing
Race Briefing
The night before the race day!
Photo credit to: Rhoel Velayo Fernandez
Photo credit to: Rhoel Velayo Fernandez

The 50k participants sent off by 4:00am, a foggy and cold morning from Camp John Hay. Traversed in a dark well-established trail then went off to the single path, technical route up to the mountains of Baguio and Benguet. At first, I experienced difficulties in breathing; the air coming in is very minimal. Since it’s my first time to run in the place, I took a run and walk to adopt the environment until I sweat out. I breathe in and breathe out.  Out of the starting line to the first Aid station familiarization of the surroundings occurred until I settled down that I am comfortable. After the first station, the business is far different in the first. Traversing down to the mountain was fun but it’s too painful to my knees. I have to take care in stepping in and stepping out to uneven trails for me to survive the entire race without suffering from any injuries. Aside from injuries might crossed, there’s another thing that frustrates me – the CLIFF. In just one mistake “wala ka ng forever” :D. Majority of the route especially the single trails passing through the cliffs, all you need is extra careful.

On the way to Aid station 2, the weather is getting hotter and the route becomes more difficult. The wide stretch rocky trails up to the Aid station 3 are totally surprising. I have to rest for about every 100 meters, I’m gasping for breath like a horse. The scorching heat added torture in the trails.

While at the top of the mountain going to Aid Station 3, the situation becomes tougher.  Even then the situation, I feel relieve with the fresh air and breathtaking views of the mountains. It’s absolutely different to my common place which is congested and no place for fresh airs.

Photo credit to Jefferson Chua
Photo credit to Jefferson Chua

I arrived at the Aid Station 3 by 10:30am, a bit early than last year. Prior to the turnaround point along with the other runners we dropped at the store and take some cold drinks. From the u-turn slot meters away located the station 3. The station greeted us with a tasty arroz caldo, rice cakes, bananas and choco drinks. While in the area, runners are keep on coming. I had some fun conversation with my fellow runners, sharing thoughts and perspective towards the remaining distances. We are all feel grateful!

Had a selfie with Mr. Bobby Go at the Aid Station 3. (Photo by Sir Bobby Go)
Had a selfie with Mr. Bobby Go at the Aid Station 3. (Photo by Sir Bobby Go) “Sa mga mahihirap kaming races nagkikita” :))

Before I went back to hit the trails I anticipated that the remaining distance is no easy feat. So, while heading to the course I met three runners who’d later on become my companions. We are all battling and aiming for one, finish the race. We decided to get together until we reach the finish line, no matter how challenging and painful the remaining distance are no one will let go.

I’m a bit worried in one of the members of the squad; he is suffering from mild cramps on his legs but for him it’s manageable. As we continuous traversing the mountains I didn’t notice the number of runners joining the group gradually increasing. Every time we found a spot to take it easy we take advantage to share some thoughts, do the required photo ops while enjoying the nature’s best sceneries. As much as possible we never force ourselves to run the route particularly in the ascend parts of the route. If we can rest for a minute, we rest. If we can run, we run. If we can walk, we walk. We did it over and over again as we consider that some of the members of the group are suffering from pains and weary. After we surpass the rolling trail paths and reach the wide open trail the excessive heat our challenger that time.

For us to break the agony of the group despite of the heat, ascend and descend path awaits us I invite them to take a rest and halo-halo situated along the trails. And yes, it was that. Refer in the photo below, it shows how we spend and enjoy the trails in spite of the complexity of the route.

Halo-halo time (Photo credit to John Dimaranan)
Halo-halo time with the gang (Photo credit to John Dimaranan)

“This chance is one of the rewards that you will earn in trail running. We all started as strangers, got to know each other during the middle parts of the run and finished as friends. Trails leads to camaraderie and unity among participants.“

Around 4:00pm the mood changed then suddenly the rain falls. Along with the large drops of rain and cold breeze we climbed up to a concrete flight of steps after we crossed the hanging bridge. It’s tedious! The unlimited ahon never hold back. It tests our patience and confidence to each other. We hid the vertical route one a time. The laughter and support to each other overcomes the difficulty of the situation. We pass through all the way to the Aid Station 1, estimated 3 kilometres from the finish line.

Enjoying the view (Photo credit Onin Dimapilis)
Enjoying the view (Photo credit Onin Dimapilis)
Few meters away from the finish line. (Photo credit to Onin Dimapilis)

During our stay inside the trail few kilometres away from the finish line, everything runs smooth and calm. The one and only thing that bears in my mind and heart is joy and gratitude to almighty God. After a long day, we guided us away from the unforeseen situations and strengthen our belief that all the trials we passing through has its own cause.

When we crossed the finish line together I became emotional because I’ve witnessed how TNF 100 Philippines sealed our relationship as passionate runners. We are 9 runners reached the finish line together, nothing left behind, and everyone in the group fulfilled the goals!

Crossed the finish line together, a rewarding part! (Photo credit to Active Pinas)
Crossed the finish line together, a rewarding part! (Photo credit to Active Pinas)
Glad to finish the race! :D
Glad to finish the race! 😀
Touring in Baguio with Blogger and Media friends (Photo Credit to Denniz Ravanzo)
Touring in Baguio with Blogger and Media friends (Photo Credit to Denniz Ravanzo)

To my fellow runners who’d become my companions during the race, thank you! I thank you guys for your motivation and support. Hope to see you again in other races! Sir Roy, Ate Gina, Onin, Froy, Bob from Singapore, Jonathan, John and Bar

To my media and bloggers friends, thank you guys for the great time and unwavering support!
Papi Rene, Rhoel, Running Diva, Adrian and Dennis.

See you again next year! Congrats!

Press Release

The Race to Outdoor Revolution – TNF 100 2016

Boundaries. They’re made to be broken. This is the mantra of those who never stop exploring and pushing themselves to their limits. This is the mantra of the participants of the TNF 100 2016.

The North Face (TNF) held its annual TNF 100 last April 30 to May 1, 2016 at the Camp John Hay Country Club in Baguio-Benguet. The route which showcased the scenic mountain ranges and trails of the Cordilleras, is a favorite among runners and outdoor enthusiasts. This year, even more adventure seekers thronged to Baguio for this race as TNF 100 opened up its trail courses to 100 km, 50 km, 22 km, and now, to 11 km.

This is no small feat for those who know the perils and the thrills of trail running. Training in the outdoors is more than just moving your exercise regimen’s geography. It is pushing your mental and physical limits to adapt to the constantly evolving and oftentimes, uncontrollable nature of the outside environment. It is about always being ready to explore, and that is what The North Face is all about.

True to its core values, The North Face has launched its official training regimen—Outdoor Training this year. This revolutionary workout program will be practiced in the open, subsequently harnessing the athlete’s mental and physical agility, strength, balance, and core power like never before. Because the outside elements can be unpredictable and extreme, it is imperative that the practitioner uses apparel that gives superior breathability and durability that complements their training.

This is why The North Face developed its Tekware product line, Mountain Athletics. This performance wear line of The North Face applies technology specifically suited for the outdoors, making its wearer Get Better and Go Further in their outdoor training. It is the gear that the athletes use to make them perform their best in the TNF 100 2016, which is now bigger than ever.

TNF 100 2016 is one of the most important events this year as it lines up with The North Face’s 50th year Anniversary. Tim Sedo, Regional Marketing Manager for Hong Kong and Asia markets, and a dedicated skateboarder, snowboarder and outdoor enthusiast himself, has flown in for this very special occasion.

Exploration is a journey, a race if you may, and The North Face is at the forefront of this race, blazing a trail so that others may follow. Like @thenorthfaceph at their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram to know more about how you can be a part of this outdoor revolution.

Help save Baby Shaila from Biliary Atresia, Join Baby on Track (charity run) – June 26, 2016 | CCP, Pasay

“Bilang magulang at bawat magulang ay kailanma’y hindi naghangad ng hindi mabuti para sa aming/kanilang mga anak. At higit sa lahat, ang magulang mas nanaiisin pang sila ang magpasan ng pagsubok ng kaniyang anak huwag lang makitang nasasaktan o nahihirapan ang anak. Parents will do everything for their children.”

A few weeks ago, I had a worth to share conversation with Sepjo Balbino, President of Pinoy Aspiring Runners. He talked about their upcoming charity fun run to be organized under his team. The event dubbed as Baby on Track, a benefit run for baby Shaila happening on June 26, 2016 at CCP Grounds, Pasay City. During our discussion and noted the initial details of the event the emotion that hovers to me that time was more than a runner or blogger, but as a FATHER. It’s pitiful to think that nowadays numerous diseases are rising. Moreover, it becomes extant to any age and even in the children.

At an early age, the adorable and cheerful 8-months old Baby Shaila was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia. It’s an uncommon disease for some, but we must be mindful of this rare disease of the liver and its causes.

12910414_10209186330885042_214521668_n (1)

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