Runner’s Corner

Runners?Co-Runners? or a non-runner? You have a space for you!You can share your running experiences and tips that can inspire others to enter the world of running, specially the non-runners but they loves to run!Keep running to get our goal, a goal that can be proud of no matter if we are a top winner or not, “I reached the finish line, I am a winner!“.

If you are interested to share your story, click here! 😀 And I will post it in my blog site in Runner’s Corner Category.

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I’m a Malaysian Engineer and a Marathoner!


2 thoughts on “Runner’s Corner”

  1. I’m sorry pre! Naghintay kasi ako dun sa may finish line yung last corner waiting for the 15kms runners pero walang dumaan, bawi na lang ako next time… naghintay talga ako di ko malaman kung route din nyo yun o nagiba ng bgla, yung location is last corner going to the finish line…


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