A short escapade: Virac, Catanduanes

I feel fearful and afraid whenever a typhoon is coming to the island of Catanduanes during my childhood days. At times, it made me think “whatever we experience during a storm is it the same elsewhere?”. My impression that time towards the island has no answer. Merely, that was 13 to 15 years ago!

Today, I have the answers to my questions when I was young. It states that “Everything happens to a place, to the world and even to a human has a reason. Reason that will excites you and grant you all the pride to tell how wonderful to live on earth. By the hidden beauties of the island of Catanduanes, commonly known as daanan ng bagyo soon it will be renowned as a must-visit Island in Bicol region. “


A few weeks ago, I had given the opportunity to have a rest after long hours of staying at work. And to seize the chance to enjoy my vacation, I decided to visit my hometown without a fixed plan. But eventually as approaching the day of departure suddenly came to my mind that I have important documents need to acquire when I come back in Manila. (For personal use Most probably for my future career)

The departure was Saturday afternoon. I chose the trip by means of land and sea, which I miss the most. RSL bus is a familiar bus operator that offers a direct trip from Manila to Virac. For your information, to be able to get to the island of Cat’nes the bus loaded to a ship for about 3 to 4 hours at sea depends on the schedule of the ship, if I’m not mistaken. You have the option also a fast trip via plane.

A trip of 10 to 12 hours on a bus is fairly tedious but more exciting. If I can still remember there are four stop overs to eat and take a pee before we reach the port of Tabaco. Honestly, the length of time that I wasn’t able to return home, I was positioned in two feelings, anxious and excited. I’m worried because I have a very short period of time to take pleasure of the entire offer of the island. And I’m extremely agitated because I can’t wait to see the island today and to say hello to my loving relatives after a long time.



The experience during my stay is indeed beyond my expectations. Three days is not enough to explore the breathtaking sights of the island, impressive waterfalls, rugged and cold air filled caves, historic churches, white sand beaches with towering waves perfect for surfing enthusiast, lagoons, rivers and most of all, the sumptuous dishes of Catandunganons. Neither my stay is not that long yet I had an excellent and fun experience with the island. For me, to leave the island with no regrets I never wasted my time to go for at least some spots of which should be accessible.

Balacay point located in Baras, around 32 to 35 kms far from Virac. We (my cousin and I) drive by means of motorcycle up to this spot to see the beauty of the island. The whistling breeze that touches your cheeks and matchless scenery tells how grateful we are to witness these God’s beautiful creations.


Maribina Falls was my next stop after a long drive from Baras. This 3-tier falls paid much satisfaction in my entire stay even the water was really cold. Jumping off the cliff is so refreshing. Safety first!


This 6 to 7ft deep lagoon in Libtong, Palawig takes me back in my younger days. It was fun hanging on the rope and fell off into flowing natural water.


I was impressed with their dedication and willingness to help their parents.

Luyang Cave. You are at peace atmosphere and cold air filled cave.


The cathedral situated in the heart of Virac.


Passion of Running

Tito Jun and I!

To make my vacation is more memorable I never let the chance to run in a place where all I began. Together with my uncle, we nailed a 15km run comprises of flat, uphill and downhill route. The weather is friendly, especially in the early dawn. My uncle is the proof that running is everywhere and every runner has its connection about the purpose and goal. I’m glad too that running itself becoming more interesting to Viracnons.

Great company

Aside from beautiful places, I was able to meet some of my batch mates were I sincerely apologized for not recognizing them very well. It was definitely a fun and a great company while enjoying Café de Au’s delicacies.

Ian, Adhele, Gracie, Jess and I at Cafe de Au 😀
(L – R: Tita Beth, Me and Ta Lanie – LANMAR BAKERY)From a common taste before to a sumptuous set of bread today, LANMAR innovates the taste buds of #Viracnons
Ma’am Fevi (left) was my teacher in ‘katon’ known as day care today. Literally old school but the way of teaching is very effective.

“Learnings from a passionate teacher lives in the mind of a student forever.”

Niz and I. She brought me to a real taste of Choco Frap (ARDCI)
Lolo, Lola and I. Time flies so fast!
You said it right, may Jollibee po kami na sa Virac!
Feeling grateful that I have family, relatives and friends to laugh with 😃 Missing my HQ!

Before I forgot, the signal of Globe is very weak. For you to survive and update your Facebook timeline from time to time you better to stay in cozy, affordable, great foods and have a strong WIFI connection, drop at Sea Breeze located near Virac port.


The unplanned visit was truly memorable, especially for someone like me. I haven’t visited all but I must say that Catanduanes is my home. You will never be forgotten, ever.


Will see you very soon Isla ko!

Special thanks to Tita Phines for accomodating me!


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