D’ Mariano invades Nivea Slidefest Philippines

The weekend is amongst awaited days of the entire week. The time to relax, unwind and most special it’s the best moment to spend quality time with your special someone’s and loved ones. Last weekend, it’s our first time to participate an outdoor event together with my lifetime team. (D’ Mariano family: Wife and kids).

Photo 9-27-15, 10 16 39


Summer isn’t just celebrates in the midyear; it may be possible in other engagements. With the opportunity granted to us from the Nivea Slidefest Philippines, it conveys a message that having fun has no specific date, weather and place to enjoy with. Slidefest has been successfully delivered filled of fun experience in some areas. Our childhood dreams to enjoy granted with the biggest slip and slide in the country.

Photo 9-27-15, 10 13 32 (1)

Photo 9-27-15, 10 57 59

Just to give you a short recap with our family experience, I’ll discuss it one by one for you to look forward and try!

Filinvest City has always been a perfect choice for recreational and outdoor activities. With the green environment setting even you are in an urban area still there’s a touch of nature surrounds you. The slope, trails and trees are inviting. On the other hand, reaching the area is a challenge except if you call for a cab. Unlike with the other spots in the metro there are options to access a specific place. Precisely my own observation or if there’s a transportation I have to explore as soon as possible for future needs. But then, we really loved the location.

Photo 9-27-15, 12 06 54


Photo 9-27-15, 09 33 56

Photo 9-27-15, 09 33 05

Concept and Event Area:
Slidefest Philippines definitely earned one of the must to experience activity. It offers fun to different types of consumers, from kids accompanied by their parents to the oldest who are able to slip and slither in the customized inflatable slides. Providing inflatable maze and playground adds up an enjoyable to all registered participants. The music pumps up and keeps the good mood of everyone despite of the heat and the uphill which you should to pass on to be able to reach the top of the slide.

Photo 9-27-15, 10 06 00

Photo 9-27-15, 10 27 08

Photo 9-27-15, 12 06 07

As I noted, this was the first time that my family invades this kind of outdoor activity. The Slidefest brought an unforgettable experience to each and everyone. It became a platform to spend quality time with our loved ones through sliding for number of times, remembering childhood days while under the heat of the sun and playing with bubbles.

Photo 9-27-15, 10 20 05


Photo 9-27-15, 11 49 40
Papi Joms of Runtertainment organizer  and I
Photo 9-27-15, 11 36 18
Papi Adrian of Runtertainment, Jhamei (my daugher) and I

Congratulations to Runtertainment and Nivea Philippines for the great experience!


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