Salomon City Trail 2015 – Short Recap

CITY TRAIL 2015-rev06

Salomon City Trail 2015 brought us into a historical run experience. The structures, various surfaces and urban trails lead up to continue to enjoy the city running. It deeply implies and encourages us to search and explore the city to sustain our passion we love- running!



Just a week after my historical sunset run, which was held in the oldest district and historic core of Manila- Intramuros or most commonly as Walled City. The venue, the weather, atmosphere and the participants showed an awe-inspiring support towards the event. I came up to partake some of the event peaks and the uniqueness of the event to our most often races especially to city road races.

Allow me start with you in the Assembly/ Event Place, its undeniable that this place has lots of memories in the Philippine history. The construction of the defensive walls was started by Spanish colonial government in the late 16th century to protect the city from foreign invasions. All throughout the years, even though there some changes and renovations within the walls, newly built structures, other stuffs still the place is conserved and one of the best tourist spots in the heart of the metro. For the fitness and running enthusiasts or even if there’s a historical runner ;), this place presents an exceptional experience to more than 700 runners across the country.

Gun Start Time – The race sets out at almost 05:00PM instead of 04:30P.M – 12k distance. It comes after the 6k participants.

Race Marshalls – SCT was designed not only to create our own trails in the urban center. It’s a great opportunity also to run and have fun with the top athletes of Salomon Pilipinas who served as the race marshals along the road. Their sustenance and cheer keeps us motivated under the severe hot afternoon. The running community unites in this event!

Hydration Stations – Since there is no available hydration cups in all stations, there are still runners who haven’t got their own hydration system. But then, organizer provides Enough hydrations, overflowing water and Gatorade answer our extreme thirst under the warm conditions. More power to Salomon initiatives in preserving the cleanliness of runner’s playground.

Race Route – In the absence of my GPS watch – Suunto, unfortunately I wasn’t able to record the distance, time and elevation. The path is definitely new compared to my usual road races which is present in the stretch of Roxas Blvd and Macapagal. Even it’s a 4 loops for 12k you won’t be weary in executing the required loops. Each loop has its own tale to tell. Each loop takes in its own views that we must proud of. From the outer part around the Intramuros to the inner, jumping off to the mossy walls and witness the best aspect of the place offers a variety of running experience to the rest of the participants.

With the combination of roads, a stone, walls and stairs Salomon City Trail has absolutely rocked the Walled City!


Experience – In my regular participation in Salomon races, I invariably had a blast of experience. It always finds a way to create an event to sustain and responds into runner’s aspirations. By joining Salomon City Trail gives me an idea to discover more the inner chronicle of the famous Intramuros, why we have to be proud of and it pleases me a foretaste to see the other sights of the city through running!


Congratulations to all the finishers and will see you again next year!
Thank you Primer Group of Companies for having me in your event.

Photo by Rene Villarta (

Thanks Sir Rene, ActivePinas and Running Photographers for the photos

Press Release
Salomon City Trail Manila 2015:MAKE EVERY RUN AN ADVENTURE

Salomon, the world’s #1 in trail running, creates an outdoor interface in the urban setting—by bringing the trails to the city. Salomon began with an idea of re-creating different terrains and surface variations that is found in trail running, but in an urban landscape. Even the most avid trail runners want to vary their routine- a staircase, a steep hill, a bridge, different surfaces through a park, it just makes running more interesting. This adventure-filled run has become a global event- the Salomon City Trail Run, and has come to the Philippines the 2nd time around.

The SALOMON CITYTRAIL RUN MANILA 2015 was held on September 6, 4 pm, at the much esteemed and culturally rich site of Intramuros, Manila. Participants of this event were varied, men and women of different ages who wanted to experience Salomon’s goal to “elevate your run” in an urban landscape.

Unlike your average road runs, this race provides unconventional challenges like running up the stairs, bridges and ramps are included to simulate the different foot strides that one encounters in trail running. Together with Intramuros’ landscape and rich heritage, the Salomon City Trail Manila takes urban dwellers through the Country’s history by running and touring simultaneously.
This race was a green run, meaning no disposables were given throughout the duration of the race. There were hydration stations powered by Gatorade, situated strategically throughout the course, where runners can refill their self-provided hydration bottles and belts.

There were two race distances, the 6 km and the 12 km. The top 3 finishers in the men’s and women’s divisions were awarded accordingly. There were also special prizes that were given away from Salomon, Suunto and ROX at the end of the race. The cut off time was 2 hours, and despite the tired look on the runners’ faces, the smiles at the finish line proved that all very much enjoyed the scenery and the experience of Salomon City Trails in Intramuros.

Once again, Salomon has pulled off another unique and fun-filled event with the CITY TRAIL RUN MANILA 2015. Together with partners R.O.X., SUUNTO, HISTORY CHANNEL, GATORADE, AVIDA-Arca South, Rexona, Spy, Stance, Otterbox, ExoXgear, GoalZero, Megafiber– Salomon continues to entice runners to step out of the routine, elevate the conventional road runs, and make every run an adventure! Salomon would also like to thank the following media partners: The Philippine Star, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Business Mirror, Business World, Multisport,Travelife, Endurance, Race Day, Pinoy,, and

Salomon is exclusively distributed by the Primer Group of Companies, Asia’s next retail giant.

Top Finishers for 6K:

1. 198 – Jhomar Abayon – 24:56
2. 261 – Regie Lumawag – 26:33
3. 155 – Jorito Terrora – 26:38

1. 294 – Patricia An – 34:20
2. 69 – Hannah Ventinilla – 40:32
3. 121 – Ross Viera Duque – 40:48

Top Finishers for 12K

1. 743 – Carlito Fantilaga – 53:19
2. 381 – John Thomas Gonzales – 53:50
3. 663 – Christovik Simatupang – 54:46

1. 309 – Carly Relf – 01:05:18
2. 645 – Honey Leah Barba – 01:08:17
3. 659 – Angela Respecki – 01:10:06



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