Latest: Salomon X-SCREAM 3D

Salomon announces the evolution of everyday training with X-Scream 3D. As the embodiment of Salomon’s CITYTRAILTM Concept, X-Scream 3D provides ample ride and cushioning for everyday running on hard paths and roads, but with superior foothold and grip to ensure agility for diverse movements on multiple surfaces. For runners who want to break away from the same routine, X-Scream 3D delivers the foothold, grip, and ride to let you make every run an adventure.

X-SCREAM 3D for Men
X-SCREAM 3D for Men
X-SCREAM 3D for Women
X-SCREAM 3D for Women

CITYTRAIL TM is Salomon’s approach to everyday running in the city. Recognized for technical leadership in trail running footwear, Salomon built CIT YTRAIL TM as a way to escape running on the same route everyday. “One of the most interesting parts of running on trails is the varied landscapes and surface conditions. It adds a challenge and it’s fun.” explains Pete Cameron, Product Line Manager for Salomon Trail Running Footwear. “So we’ve taken this same idea of changing terrain and surfaces, and expressed it for a more urban environment. The shoes need to fit precisely to hold the foot for agile movements, and grip on varied surfaces, but they also need the cushioning and ride for running on pavement.”

Complimenting the X-Scream 3D are a complete line of CIT YTRAIL TM apparel for men and women, designed to be sleek and versatile for urban running day or night, and a Salomon CIT YTRAIL TM App, that lets you follow routes and create new ones, share with friends, rank your pace, etc. in more than 90 cities throughout the world and growing. X-Scream 3D shoes begin with fit, with Salomon’s well known Sensifit and Quicklace system for outstanding foothold and comfort. Add Endofit and a seamless upper, and X-Scream 3d feels great on your feet, even without socks. Under the foot, X-Scream 3D uses a 3D Ride midsole that provides enough cushioning for hard surfaces, with flex and rolling for a nice, even stride. Completing the package is Salomon’s Contagrip Outsole, with multi-density compound and varying chevrons to ensure grip on hard or loose surfaces, and long wear on pavement.

Whether you run every day or once a week, long or short miles, X-Scream 3D gives you the foothold, ride and grip to enjoy every terrain element of an urban landscape. Make every run an adventure. Salomon was born in the French alps in 1947. Our passion for mountain sport progression, product development, quality, and craftsmanship drives us to create progressive gear to enable freedom and help you challenge yourself in the mountains.


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