Mizuno has new in store for you, the Wave Ascend 8!

The Wave Ascend 8 runner utilizes Wave technology, essentially suspension for your foot that also scatters point-of-impact forces, for a cushioned and stable run. Heavy-duty X-Outsole pattern accommodates unpredictable trail surfaces, without feeling blocky or dull. Beefier than Mizuno’s other trail shoes, the Wave Ascend 8 offers a responsive and cushioned ride, with lots of protection.

– Price: Php 4,995
– Synthetic sole
– AP+ midsole foam Accelaration Polymer, Lightweight responsive midsole compound with good quality.
– Updated heel counter provides a natural fit and embrace at a reduced weight.
– Weight: 249 g






Durability and Traction. X-10 provides the most durable carbon rubber from Mizuno that allows for longer wear in high impact areas and provides more traction at heel strike.




Unique technology that provides both cushioning and stability and can be engineered for all types of athletes.






Enhancing the inherent properties of AP midsole, AP+ offers increased rebound and a “bouncier” feeling, which extends the cushion durability, while maintaining the light weight performance.






G3, a new performance outsole component that enhances traction where needed most and reduces weight.





For more details, visit:
Website: Mizuno.PH


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