SportsHouse introduces the #LifeInSports and #LifeAfterSports

‘All the games you play” it became the mark of Sportshouse in the spirit of every athlete and fitness enthusiasts. Their desire to be fulfilled and executes an excellent service to their customers in providing their needs for the game they play has been successful and continuously counting to all branches nationwide.

Just recently, Sportshouse launched the hashtags #LifeInSports & #LifeAfterSports to illustrate the connection and yet to set apart the products for these two categories. Intensity and power, that’s what #LifeInsports is, Sportshouse carry products that will help athletes and soon-to-be athletes.

During the media launched, the Sports House team headed by the Marketing Manager Neil Guinto shared the latest and a must-check products that may find in their stores.

Marketing Manager Neil Guinto
Marketing Manager Neil Guinto


They introduced first the ITRACC. Its a proud Filipino made apparel wich stands for Triathlon – Running – Athletics – Cycling – Compression. Each design underwent into thorough studies to perfecte eachompression technology. iTRACC is made of varying the percentage of Polyester to provide comfort, woven with resiliency of Elastane to sustain the elasticity of the garments,depending on their willfull usage. iTRACC is a PS (Patent Secured) product certified which means every design and feature has a certification from Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL).


“Definitely, we will develop more designs by 2015, t match the athlete’s dynamics. Equipped with the in depth understanding of our consumer’ needs and yearnings, we are definitely going to be more aggressive in the market along with the aid of our technology” released statement by Mr.Guinto.

SKINS – a world class Compression Garments
An Australian brand that focuses on compression clothing. SKINS currently sell over 160 different compression products including specific ranges for various sports. SKINS has been engineeredto adapt to the circulation of the blood that promotes efficiency of energy expenditure during the specific movements of the performing muscle groups of an individual.

Along with this media launched, Sportshouse introduces its newest product.A product that is suitable design for runners, a progressive and long distance runners – the Maxxed Flight 101. Under “the Run Right” tagline, it represents Flight 101’s technology. Similar to other products, they considered this shoe as a equipment because it help athlete’s performance. Its functionalities will assist runner in proper landing and help them push forward.



Included in Sportshouse products are quality gym equipments. Time Sports is a US-technology inspired gym equipments that focuses on treadmills and bikes. Sportshouse offer 3months warranty for motor, 1 year warranty for parts and a lifetime home service. Sporthouse are very proud to say that Time Sports are one of the most-bougt items because of its quality and advanced specifications.

On a different light,Sportshouse understands the need for fashionable and stylish wear without compromising the quality and affordability. That is the reason why #LifeAfterSports apparels were born. Have a take look on Sportshouse offers lined in this category.

For the Trendy and Tasteful Garments, Brood is a new brand emerged on today’s foot necessities. This brand is not just a typical kind of shoes; it has an essence of new technology of comfort and style that derived from French designs. Brood brings ease on your active lifestyle since this is made as a cooling fashion after your sports activity. Another exciting product is Bodyworks. These lifestyle shirts are made for stylish yuppies. Sportshous knows how important style is for young professional; they want outfits that can be a statement so they created these up-to-the-minute attires.

Going to Korea’s Number 1 Sandal, Sportshouse it the exclusive distributor of Toeot, the sensational hip sandals that you can style the way you want it. The creativity and comfort start with the various sets of straps. Each of them is capable of trading not only by its positions; but with its color as well. No one will be bounded just for indoor use; moreove, everyone can be funky with these babies from strolling with the bright lights up to the sandy shores of your favorites beaches.

To get further information of each products you may directly visit Sportshouse website at or at their facebook fan page and @sportshouse for twitter.


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