Remember the 44 – February 14, 2015


With this tragedy that has struck the heart of our country, we will use the opportunity of Valentine’s Day to show our appreciation and solidarity with the warriors whom we entrust to protect us: the PNP-SAF.

Our program will be as follows on February 14, 2014

0500-0600 : Registration / Donation Drop-off
0600-0605 : National Anthem
0605-0610 : Invocation & Welcome Remarks (PNP-SAF
Representative, Organizer)
0610-0620 : Roll Call of Participating Teams/Clubs/Groups
0620-0630 : Tribute Roll Call for the Fallen 44
0630-1000 : Solidarity Walk/Run and Ride

Staging Area: Seafood Island, Evoliving, Nuvali, Santa Rosa, Laguna

We will have 3 Groups for participants to choose from:

4.4km Walk/Run
44km Bike Ride (Road)
44km Bike Ride (Mountain Bike)

Important Notes:
– All the routes will be inside Nuvali.
– Representatives from the PNP will lead each Group. This is also your opportunity to meet and bond with our uniformed brothers.
– Participants may opt to ride more than the minimum 44/4.4 if they wish.
– All Proceeds will go to the benefit of the families of the 44.

Please note that, at this time, we are still coordinating with the PNP-SAF on the specific bank details for any donation you may wish to give.
We will update you once this is available.

– Since it is not my intent to divert any funds to unnecessary expenses, we will only have a minimum amount of water/drinks for participants.
– There will be no freebies like event shirts or the like.
– You may participate in this fundraiser by A) participating in the activities, B) donating any amount you wish, or C) doing both.

I have attached a Registration Form for you to fill up. Kindly indicate there how you would like to participate, then email it back to me.
[download id=”12372″]

Further updates on this advocacy will be posted in the Facebook page, “Remember the 44”.

Since this fundraiser is a personal advocacy which I am pursuing with several other colleagues in the multisport community, I ask for your patience and understanding with regards to providing you further details.

– Rest assured that we will do our best into making this a meaningful event for everyone.
– Finally, we must remember to refrain from making any politically charged statements during this event.

It is not our intent to make this event an avenue for any vested political interests.

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