SRC 50/50 50k++ Ultramarathon – May 10, 2015

Event Name: SRC 50/50 50k++ Ultramarathon
Event Location: Capitol Grounds, Samar, Philippines
Event Date: May 10, 2015
Race Route:
Catbalogan City, Samar to Buray, Paranas Samar VV
4:00AM Flag-Off(10-Hr Cut-Off)

Registration Fees:
Php. 2,000 (Solo)
Php. 4,000 (2-Man Relay)

♦ Personalized Race Bib
♦ Personalized Finisher’s Medal
♦ Personalized Finisher’s Shirt
♦ Certificate
♦ Post Race Meal

Assembly Time and Gun Time
2:45 AM – Assembly Time
3:00 AM – Check-In
4:00 AM – Gun Time

♦ 2:45 pm sharp | Saturday, May 9, 2015
♦ SNS, Social Hall
♦ Catbalogan City Samar, Philippines

♦ Solo Category: A Runner must have completed (at least) 1 or more Full Marathon within the last 6 months in order to qualify to enter this race.
♦ Relay Category: A Runner must have completed (at least) 1 or more Half Marathon within the last 6 months in order to qualify to enter this race.

Registration Sites:
Registration period is from January 12, 2015 until April 10, 2015 only.

Amarjit Sihra
Send the Scanned Copy of the Deposit Slip with Name, Category and Shirt Size to

5577 5185 0917 5124
(Please send Reference # and Name of the Participant/s, Category and Shirt Size to +63 929 204 4103).

Online Registration;
Solo –
Relay –

Additional Information
RACE RULES (Courtesy of TU105):
• Entry Fee is non Refundable
• RUNNERS must carry their own hydration system, e.g. water bottle, hand-held water bottles, waist belt hydration system, hydration packs, running vest and the likes.
• RUNNERS must sign a waiver of liability and declaration.
• RUNNERS must be, at all times be aware of his/her surroundings (situational awareness).
• RUNNERS must be accountable on his/her personal safety and must be flexible to handle/manage problem(s) that may arise during the race.
• RUNNERS must be able to endure/withstand possible extreme physical/mental fatigue, muscle cramps, digestive problems, and other related minor injuries.
• RACE BIB must be worn prominently, pinned or hung up on a race bib belt. It must be worn on the front of the body, unfolded for visibility at all times.
• RUNNERS may rest, stop, and/or recover during the race. BUT the race time/clock will not stop until the event ends, closes 10 hours after the flag off.
• RUNNERS must NOT run in a group (run abreast), occupying one lane on the road. RUNNERS must always run on single file, on the LEFT SIDE of the road. THIS IS NOT A CLOSED-ROAD event. RUNNERS must always obey traffic rules. RUNNERS must at all time be alert and be road courteous.

• If a RUNNER will leave the race, he/she must inform the nearest race official and note the time and location. The reason for withdrawal, race bib #, and total distance covered will be noted and must be reported to the nearest race official.
• In case of medical evacuation (emergency), transport and medical cost will be paid (borne) by the RUNNER (participant). Race Organizers are not accountable and/or liable for emergency medical evacuation.

• Functional and fully charge mobile phone. You may contact the race organizer/director, RD: 09151295682. Please save this number and contact him anytime during the race, in case of emergency.
• Hydration System. e.g. water bottle, hydration vest and the likes.
• Active and functional blinkers, reflectors, and other means for night visibility.
• Legal tender (CASH). You may carry cash at least Php. 500.00 or more.

• Light plastic disposable raincoat
• Energy Gels/Energy Bar
• Electrolytes tablet, powder, or liquid concentrate
• UV Sunblock
• Elastic bandage for emergency purposes
• Run Visor/Cap
• Extra Shoes, Running Clothes, Socks
• Shades/Sun Glasses
• First Aid Kit
• Poncho
• Ointments, muscle rub and the likes

♦ Race Director reserves the right to change the course, distance, Drop Bags station arrangement/placement and other matter pertaining to the race event and venue. the decision of the Race Director is final and is not subject to negotiation(s) and/or appeal(s). Protest to fellow runners, safety issues, timing and the likes, please contact us immediately.


♦ Most importantly, enjoy the race, respect the race course, and have fun!

Finishers Medal
Finishers Medal
Finishers Shirt
Finishers Shirt


Samar Runners Club

For more information, contact:

Griv: 09151295682
Don: 09266403459
Bryan: 09472905595


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