Zensah Christmas Gift Guide

With the holiday season fast approaching, the last thing anyone wants is to get caught in the last-minute shopping rush. Now’s the perfect time to make that list, check it twice, and snag the the perfect gift for your loved ones. So if you’re shopping for your impossible-to-shop-for triathlete best friend, or your in-better-shape-than-you mom, this Christmas, Zensah’s got your fitness-loving friends and family covered.

1. Compression Leg Sleeves – Zensah’s best-selling compression leg sleeves provide relief from a runner’s worst enemy – shin splints. It’s made with moisture-wicking material that keeps athletes dry during high activity, and antimicrobial fabric that minimizes odor. With 23 different colors to choose from, there’s a compression leg sleeve to suit any type of personality – from minimalistic and straight-forward heather grey to fun and flirty tie-dye neon pink.
Perfect for: Your adventure-loving, marathon-running sister.
Shopping tip: Buy her three in different colors so she’s got more to choose from when she goes on a run. It’ll help break up the monotony and keep workouts fun.

2. Tech+ Compression Socks – Made with a 200-needle thread count for more durable, denser, and better-fitting socks. These socks, through graduated compression, allow for better blood circulation, improved muscle support and injury prevention. Long runs can take their toll on your feet, but with these socks that prevent blisters and chafing, runners can drive their focus on their run instead of worrying about pain.
Perfect for: Your no-nonsense, multi-tasking officemate.
Shopping tip: These socks come in 8 different colors, from neon green and electric blue to classic black or white. Color-coordinate your choice according to the color of your friend’s running shoes; they’ll appreciate the extra thought that went into getting them something they genuinely like.

zensah-shoot-2 zensah-shoot-4

3. Seamless Sports Bra – Nothing’s more annoying than an ill-fitting sports bra, especially during a run. Zensah’s seamless sports bras are body mapped for support and ventilation, allowing for maximum comfort and movement. They’re built to withstand quick and sudden movements, and will keep you dry even while navigating the roughest of terrains.
Perfect for: Your can-do-anything cousin.
Shopping tip: Surprise your loved one with an unexpected color choice; layered underneath their regular workout clothes, it can provide a pop of color to even the most basic of outfits.

4. Compression Arm Sleeves – Compression wear isn’t all about protecting against shin splints, your arms need just as much support as your lower half. Zensah’s compression arm sleeves provide sun protection, perfect for year-round running in our tropical climate. They’re also made with silver ions that keep your arms at just the right temperature.
Perfect for: Your always-on-the-go boss.
Shopping tip: Pair your gift with some earphones, and make sure it’s got Bluetooth pairing and wireless connectivity for the ultra-busy individual.

Zensah is available at Planet Sports, Runnr, and R.O.X. stores.


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