Filinvest Endurance Weekend 2014

10805621_1493646130916391_9148931736446573356_n (1)A week passed after I traverse the uneven trails in Filinvest City in the recently concluded Filinvest Endurance Trail Run 2014. The more I in too deep in my running engagement, my personal experiences in running becomes more interesting and notable.There are lots of surprises and unexpected scenarios that give a blast of loving my passion.

Lately, I was stunned because first time in my life I was able to stand in everyone’s dream “the podium” which I never expected including the challenges I encountered. Consistent into last year’s first Endurance Weekend they were organized both to go beyond and test your limits, but the difference this year it has three  various categories to choose from.  During my participation on the first  Endurance Run was a big break, first long distance trail running. This year, I went to a shorter distance 6 hours of trail running.

Compared to the usual races, all categories start consecutively from 04:00am for this event, not. I would just like to highlight only my trail running experience. So, going back the 12hours and 3hours category unleashed in the same gun start of 06am while the 6hours category wherein I’m included our gun start time is 09am. Six hours category, we are few; three solo participants composed by me, elite and the ultra-runner. In other words, three of us will battling in three places within six hours.


My perception of the event is opposite of what I think, the thinking that my expedition will go off to be fun and easy it turns out to a struggling experience.  Considering that I’m running to secure the second place, it wasn’t smooth. The competition is not between the three of us, but the challenges waiting like uneven trails and by the hot weather condition. Imagine the sun rises between 09am to 03pm, definitely challenging. To manage and survive the 6hours endurance run, strategically I applied, the run walk to avoid injuries and exhaustion all throughout the race. And since, I am aiming to able to make safe the second place I had fun moments every time I regress my experience.  I do feel paranoid that time, every time there’s a runner passing over me, I do really care about what distance are they running because I have no idea if  still anyone added to compete in the same category especially for the solo participants. By the way, the route is looping.


The transition area was our safe zone, refilling and rest station. Nearly four kilometers only one hydration is dedicated for the entire race route situated only at the transition. It’s a must to bring our own hydration or else you will be dehydrated. Just to compare last year’s endurance weekend, we are quite pampered in hydrations, bananas and kamote which is positioned in the transition area and in the middle of the race route. Well, the race was still deserving to be one of the trademark of Filinvest in the running community, not only in go further, break your personal records, but also to appreciate and take advantage the  remaining trail scenes in an urban area.

1911828_1493646177583053_8214321423422714185_n (1)

For me, this was another achievement that is not to be forgotten. It is not all about finishing podium; it about loves your passion, finishing the race strong and motivate other people to get closer in our mother nature.

To give emphasize and commendation to the event, I would like to share some of my comments.

Assembly Area / Starting Line–  Thanks for the tents wherein we can sit and rest. Note, for everyone’s awareness most of trail races never expect a very nice set-up, unlike on road races; they can beautifully set-up their respective areas. We are runners; we are all after on the experience. 😉

Trail Route – The route is technically good compared last year. It’s quite more challenging and different.

Hydration Stations – Hope by next year, whosoever organizer will handle the event; they add more hydrations or at least one in the middle and one in the transition area especially when in warm conditions. A nice initiative of bringing soft drinks for the participants: D

Medal – still waiting 🙂

Finisher Shirt – I really love the quality of this year’s finisher shirt.

Concept – the concept is most recommended for endurance and first time runners.

Overall / Experience – The race is excellent. I able to respond to race demand, I made 9 loops for 6 hours. I am looking forward to see this event in Filinvest event’s list next year.

My facebook timeline post after my race:

Yesterday, I never anticipate the number of participants in the concluded Endurance weekend 2014 and even on how I am conking out to respond to the challenges awaits on the trail, totally no clues. The sole thing that exists in my mind is to finish the race no matter what. As luck would have it, I was able to finish the race, reached the minimum number of loops about 37kms based on my Ambit2R #iamsuunto within 6hours of chasing into the heat of the sun and uneven trails. Aside from that I got an extra reward – Able to secure the 2nd place in the 6 hour solo run, this might be quite impossible I am not a competitive person, but yes, I’m still aiming to that podium stage ha-ha, I won the race because we are only three solo runners in the category hahaha I am in between of ultra runner and elite runner. But attaining that position is not easy, I struggled due to excessive heat from 9am to 3pm. But on top of that, it was a fun ad great experience! Congratulations to all who raced this weekend!

My achievements will not be possible without the guidance and presence of the God.


Congratulations to my fellow finishers and organizer! 🙂

Photos credit to: Run Lipa


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