It will never let you fall-out, Yurbuds Inspire Pro

From the time when I started into running music became my source of motivation. It helps me to take pleasure whichever distances I conquered from short distance to the longest which is a marathon. It changes my frame of mind, particularly if I feel tedium and worn-out. On top of all my reasons, the most significant, it provides additional courage to push me to go beyond.

However, there are unforeseen circumstances that will cause you upset and annoyed while you are running with music, when your earphone unintentionally detached on your ears. It’s quite irritating and disturbing, especially if you are in a state of focus and maintaining your pace – isn’t it? You spent more time on fitting rather than striding and this happens most of the time in regular earphones.
The majority of my experience using regular earphones when I started sweating from my head and goes to any side of my ears; earphones slide out and the sound shifts into fuzzy. And there is chance instead of pouring water into my head due to the heat I chose to spill it on my face because I know what happen next to my earphones.

Early this year, I was fortunate to meet my first sports earphone from one of the most popular brand of headphones and headsets. At first, I am too much excited to use it so I do not pretty notice the disadvantage of using the earphone. I used it for about five months before it disappears on my workstation, surprisingly, it never falls out but… it hurts. Nothing to say with the quality of the sound, its clear and balance except the design. Considering if you are having a really sensitive ears like me, you will get irritated when you use it for a long period of time, the longer it hooks in your ears it hurts and you feel uncomfortable. In their design they achieved to avoid the falling out of the earphone; it made possible by hooking-in in between of navicular fossa and the root of the helix (external ear) which causes the suffering. To give you an exact location of the hook of earphone, check the image below for your reference.

The site uses images to explain objects.

I refer back to use my regular earphone instead.

Lately, I was again given the chance to try another earphone for me to enjoy more without hesitation in running with music. Cascos Inc the official distributor of YURBUDS Earphones in the Philippines handed me a unit of Yurbuds Ironman Inspire PRO Performance Fit Sport Earphones with 3 button control and mic for me to savor the ultimate listening experience while on your respective passion. In my nearly one and a half month of using Yurbuds earphone I maximized the use of it. From daily trainings to the actual event, I see the great benefit of having this kind of earphone especially if you are a long distance runner that needs a non-stop music without worrying about falling out and impair experience.

10391413_10201752289843675_5703180503823517227_n (1)

To give you a more information with my experience, feel free to refer below.

The most important feature that Yurbuds has, the personalized fit of the enhancers. Enhancers are extremely comfortable; it’s made of silicone – FlexSoft comfort fit, water and sweat resistant. In my personal testing on this earphone I guaranteed it never falls out during movement and any distance as it features the Twist Lock technology that never holds you to go further. The earphone fit well in my ears so it never falls unless the cord got pulled. My size is I think the medium one.


-Soft, zippered carrying case - Additional Enhancers to ensure personalised fit - Angled plug - Lifetime warranty
-Soft, zippered carrying case
– Additional Enhancers to ensure personalised fit
– Angled plug
– Lifetime warranty
Angled plug
Angled plug

Yurbuds Inspire Pro is designed for for iPhone®, iPod®, and iPad®, and is fully integrated with Siri® and other voice-control features for a hassle-free experience. It has a 3-button sweat and water resistant dry microphone that gives you full track, call, and volume control. More features in Yurbuds earphone the ambient noise awareness; it provides not only an ultimate listening experience, it allows you also to remain cognizant of your surroundings even you are relishing your favorite playlists. Inspire Pro cord is made of rubber unlike other Yurbuds earphones made of cloth cord that is durable, tangle and tear resistant. You must be mindful of Inspire Pro’s cord.

Sound Quality
I really do appreciate the sound quality of Yurbuds Inspire Pro, its clear, richer sound with all types of music. And even you poured water in all parts of your head it never affects the sound quality.


Photo by RAR Martinez

The performance of Yurbuds Inspire Pro in the recently concluded Run United Philippine Marathon wherein I ran the marathon distance, my expectations before and during the race never fails. It never falls out, it never hurts even you use it for a long period of time. It never stops me to go beyond. And you can easily control your mobile phone thru the use of earphone. With that, I personally recommend this earphone for athletes who loves to listen music while conducting movement. Guaranteed, it will never let you fall-out!

Yurbuds earphones are available at the following stores:
Power Mac Center, Planet Sports, Runnr, The Athlete’s Foot, Chris Sports, R.O.X., Riovana, Rudy Project, Mobile One, The AShop, Digital Walker, Beyond the Box, Digital Hub, Nothing But H2O, Gold’s Gym, IGig Center, Primo Cycles, The Brick, Island Souvenirs (NAIA 3), Specialized Concept Store & Second Wind


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