UP Pep Squad Amazes All with Strong Performance

4In this year’s much-anticipated UAAP Cheerdance Competition, the UP Pep Squad showed up in true form dishing out a dazzling, technically sound routine as to be expected from the returning three-peat cheerdance champs. What many didn’t expect, however, was the timely message they conveyed through impressive showing.

Members of the audience were taken aback as traditional roles reversed. Male members let their hips do the talking as they led the squad in dancing to Beyonce’s “Run the World”. The girls, on the other hand, showed flexed to show off their (considerable) biceps as they moved to what are considered traditionally manly dances. Perhaps, UP Pep’s gender equality theme was most stunningly conveyed when all-female teams of lifters were able to flawlessly boost up their heftier male counterparts, showing quite literally that whatever men can do, women can do as well.


How did they do it? Gold’s Gym Philippines Sports Director Edsel Vengco gives us some insight on the squad’s training which enabled them to perform such physically taxing stunts:

“It was a collaboration with the UP Pep Squad coached. We worked with them for about six months before the competition. They we’re going to the gym around three to four times per week. We focused first in improving their movement. We made this possible by using our FreeMotion cable machines. Then, we started strength training by increasing the loads of the lifts by using Hammer Strength equipment. These plate-loaded machines really made a huge difference because it allowed them to improve both sides of their bodies. We also did a little bit of plyometric training to improve their jumps”.


“We are very lucky to use the facilities of Gold’s Gym. With the equipment that they have, we can give strength training and conditioning for the squad. “ UP Pep Squad Assistant Coach NJ Antonio said of the training.


Despite falling short to NU, the UP Pep Squad can still hold its collective heads up high knowing that they’ve exemplified Strength in more ways than one.

Gold’s Gym supports the UP Pep Squad not just in their physical training, but also in their vision to spread the message of gender equality in the country.

Man, woman or otherwise, visit a Gold’s Gym today to see how you, like our Iskolars from the UP Pep Squad, can be truly #StrongerWithGolds


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