Accept the challenge of Mt. Talamitam Assault Trail Challenge

Photo 8-31-14, 11 16 18When I started in running lots of opportunities crossed on my way of life. Things that I believe I can’t be done before confidently and consistently now, I can manage both at the same time. Without too much required wealths but thousand benefits in return to our health, running become my eye opener to everything.

Road races are quite disenchanting especially if most events held in common places in the metro. Sometimes, you feel weary and limited in exploration. You run a heap and you train hard, but there’s something that you want to see, those things that you don’t encounter on your daily routines – its our Nature. In some cases, sometimes I admitted that I require to learn and experience more in the field of running, merely not to impress everyone but to share with everyone how keen we are to sustain this passion.

Aside from stepping into different places in Metro Manila to leave foot marks in various events, trail running is one of my favorite settings in my passion. Simply because trail running gives the chance to revalue the importance of our homeland from a complete panorama of mountains to lush green forests which is definitely heartwarming to a runner like me who had been expending most of my running career into road races. But if we are talking about the challenge and experience, one word is enough – tough :D.

A week ago, I was privileged to join the trial run as recon for the upcoming Mt. Talamitam Assault Challenge scheduled on December 21 this year. We are accompanied by JC Igos acting as the Race Adviser for this event. It was an unscheduled run after my trail run (official) last July 2014 which was held at Nuvali, Sta. Rosa. And joining trail races are pretty challenging to insert in my personal calendar for the reasons that most of them are far from the metro and most of the time lack of companions.

Being invited into this test run was a great chance to meet new people, experience new trail challenges and a noteworthy experience to share, thats why I refused to attend the other invites day before the Mt. Talamitan Challenge test run. Let me give you a quick overlook of our journey.

Nearly one and a half to two hours drive from Metro Manila to the exact location situated at kilometer 83, Sitio Bayabasan, Barangay Aga, Nasugbu, Batangas.

It gives me an idea that in a few hours from the time we set off to the registration area, we will be on the top of the world. For the benefit of everyone, the path for the mountaineers and hikers is different from the path we’ve passed through I guess if I’m not mistaken mountaineers route is approximately six to seven kilometers to the top of the mountain, but for the brave warrior trail runners, as JC said the path where the race will take place is the route of the local residents.


Registration area and serve as starting line as well.
Registration area and serve as starting line as well.

At the start of traverse surprisingly what you expect on the trailswe have been careful on stepping and jumping in the better part of the rocky, muddy and slippery surface to avoid unnecessary injuries.
Photo 8-31-14, 7 28 54
Photo 8-31-14, 7 29 37
Photo 8-31-14, 7 29 53
A peaceful and slow moving river with a perfect scenic view between the mountains welcomed us. There is no signs of challenges awaiting on the trails.
Photo 8-31-14, 7 36 34

Photo 8-31-14, 7 33 20

Photo 8-31-14, 7 34 42

Photo 8-31-14, 7 44 47

Photo 8-31-14, 7 35 22

Photo 8-31-14, 7 52 23
As we walk and run through the trails you will smell the composting leaves, along every step hear the crackling branches and an awe-inspiring hidden wonders of the trails. Those are things that eagers me to run on  trails. It’s not the usual setting. It gives lots of great experience, unexpected challenges but yet a fulfilling one. Being closer to the nature change your perspective in life, not merely for a moment but for the whole lifetime.

Photo 8-31-14, 7 56 09

Photo 8-31-14, 8 09 17Getting back in sweeping through the trails while the scene becomes more attractive and inviting the trail path becoming unmanageable. You necessitate to assign an additional effort in mounting and moving up into a stair alike steep slope. Then, a rolling trail path surprised going to the next point of the trail. Unfortunately, before you get a perfect spot to take a photo-op and take a rest survive first the narrow and extremely muddy part of the trail.

Photo 8-31-14, 7 53 07

Our guide showing what bee hive looks like – photo by Rovielyn Dimaala

By the time we off to the forest, a wide green land surprises us that lessen our worn and haggish. To that spot as per checking my Suunto Ambit 2R we nailed the first five kilometers, and then we still have eleven kilometers to work for. While getting our rest on a large shady tree you will now clearly see the top of Mt. Talamitan.

photo by Rovielyn Dimaala



The big challenge to anticipate is the assault part going to the mountain top. It’s definitely a slow moving traverse, better to be careful and you have tamped down with all your mountain climbing skills to be able to get to the top of the mountain. And by and by you will witness the magnificent breathtaking views of neighbor mountains.
Photo 8-31-14, 11 01 39

With an approximately altitude of 661m base on my Suunto Ambit 2R, all of my hard work in facing the challenges of uneven terrains, intense heat, river crossings and killer hills paid off when I did my first footstep into the crest of Mt. Talamitan.

Maybe you would whine in traversing uneven terrains but once you reach the peak of Mt. Talamitam, it's worth it.
Maybe you would whine in traversing uneven terrains but once you reach the peak of Mt. Talamitam, it’s worth it.
photo by Rovielyn Dimaala

As we descend from the top and head back to where we started lots of hills awaits. You better explore the remaining.  There are great spots to take with. And this will grant you another reason to love our passion.

photo by Rovielyn Dimaala
photo by Rovielyn Dimaala
photo by Rovielyn Dimaala





While settling down in the meeting place after testing the proposed race route, I made out some assessment base in my personal experience in passing over the said route. The upcoming 1st Mt Talamitam Assault Trail Challenge, which is happening on December 21, 2014 I defined as a tough trail running yet  a rewarding and remarkable one. It requires proper trainings and climbing skills. Hence, I am personally inviting you trail enthusiasts and road racers to accept this challenge. Be faithful to our nature and value the good things.

If you are up to this challenge, I included the poster and details of this event for your reference.10656551_10203629631475870_1180028786_n

Mt. Talamitam Assault Trail Challenge happens on December 21, 2014 at  Km83 Sitio Bayabasan, Barangay Aga, Nasugbu, Batangas. The proceeds will go to Mt. Talamitam Tree Planting Project.
Distance: 10miles

Registration Fee:
PHP 1000

Assembly Time: 3AM to 5AM
GunStart: 6AM

Note: Limited slots only

Online registration:

For more information, call:

Carl Louie – 0927 4774980
Michael Angelo – 0917 5263305


Thanks Rovielyn Dimaala for the photos 😉



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