Sofitel Manila Half-Marathon secures slot as anticipated one

Photo by Justin Gomez

Sofitel Manila Half- Marathon last Sunday (August 17, 2014) marks a great experience in my passion of running. And this event has probably secured a slot to be one the most anticipated events in the running community. If this race pushes through to do another cycle of running event into a bigger next year I would definitely love to keep an eye on this event. 😉

In the first successful event of Sofitel Manila Half-Marathon, I would suppose that it was a perfect run for me after three weeks off on the road. Even I got in at the event five minutes before the gun start, it hurried me to deposit my stuffs into the baggage counter and headed to the starting line as tight as possible, despite of that rushing I still manage to enjoy the entire event.

And so, I’ll never expect a beating of PR as I told myself after signing up in 42.195k distance for the upcoming Run United Philippine Marathon all of the events encounter along the way will be part of my build up and preparation as added into my daily mileages. I will treat all respective races as easy pace which objective is to finish the race regardless how good or bad my personal time is.

Going along to my personal experience in Sofitel Manila Half-Marathon it droves beyond my expectations as I anticipated from the organizer, Run Rio. Not to cite their success in the previous events the commitment in meeting the expectations of runners are excellentCounting as well the race owner is experienced as one of the top luxury hotels in the Philippines – the Sofitel Manila. As one of the running enthusiasts living in Metro Manila I could state that I’m rather conversant with some portions of the race locations. Same as this, SM Mall of Asia situated the starting/finish line and which most of the event held, Diosdado – CCP and the stretch of Roxas Boulevard never be not present if we are verbalizing about a long distance runs in Manila.

These tandems of race route have been used in most races no matter whom or how big the organizer is. Aside from race routes where most runners are familiar, I would wish to bring up the best section of the race that contributed to a successful outcome.

Assembly Area – As we had a bun in the oven, the potency of their concept has been utilized in past races which I really appreciate especially the baggage counters.

Gun Start TIme – As usual, set out at the precise time and strictly implemented the fifteen minute grace period after the gun start for the late runners, beyond that allocated time no participants allowed to run – for safety reasons.

Race Route – The more you feel challenged  the more you will perform well. Only in our instance, we as city runners we have restricted resources or places to run. The couple flyover, Buendia and Edsa connecting to Baclaran has been there also in some of our races. However, one thing I noticed before taking off to Buendia Flyover – the organizer lighted up the dark part of Roxas Blvd where I couldn’t imagine why our government can’t afford that. Just saying.. Comfortably, the busy CCP never ever left behind in all races, it was there cheering for us. The rough concrete road of Diosdado Macapagal has been a welcome for every runner in so many years! What I propose to apply a unique taste into a limited resource, the organizer must think around how they revert the usual path into a more aggressive and different path.

10318751_10152000297742273_2007313258_nMy run powered by Suunto Ambit 2R and Movescount.

Race Route
Sofitel Manila
Sofitel Manila altitudeRecord
Sofitel Manila record


Marshalls, Enforcers and Staffs – Thanks for continuous service in the Filipino Running Community.

Hydrations – Nothing more to say, overflowing of water and Gatorade.. Bananas were there too to give additional strength all the way to the finish line.

Photo by Letsky Les Photography
Photo by Letsky Les Photography

Weather – definitely great!

Finishers Medal – I was surprised when I got my medal, it delivers an excellent quality and the size is worth it.

Finishers Shirt – Love the color, nice design and a must keep stuff.

Overall – The event is totally outstanding! Congratulations to Run Rio and Sofitel Manila.. See you next year… I am expecting or I think community expecting more and bigger than this!

To my fellow runners, congrats! You Rock!

How did you find in finishing the SOFITEL MANILA HALF- MARATHON?

At CCP, photo by Art Mendoza. Thanks!
Thanks Red Knight, few meters away from the finish line
Thanks Emsoquena Photography, another glimpse few meters away from the finish line


Thanks Run Rio Inc and Sofitel Manila!


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