Mizuno Prestige Card giveaway

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Mizuno has known for its innovative apparels in various fields of sports. They extend to plunk for each athlete to move beyond into their respective sports by means of making remarkable studies and research. Similar to me, I’ve been engaged in passion of running for several years and by using this brand (shoes: Wave Rider 17) lately it has a major impact into my performance. It motivates me more!

Since, running is one of the fastest growing communities in the country the demands of running apparel and price hikes. Therefore, most of the leading brands offer loyalty cards to give particular offers and promos for athletes & customers; one of them is Mizuno brand – Mizuno Prestige Card.


Mizuno Prestige Card serves as a promo card for their brand. Cardholders get special promos and privileges which changes from time to time. Basically, to have this card you need to purchase worth PHP 4,000 and up.
Today, the opportunity is yours! I will be giving away two (2) Mizuno Prestige Cards which you will enjoy the following promo for this month:

Included this month in the promo would be the following running shoes.
You can see their promo prices on the website, http://www.mizuno.ph.

1. Wave Rider 16
2. Wave Rider 15
3. Wave Inspire 9
4. Wave Inspire 8
5. Wave Creation 14
6. Wave Prophecy
7. Wave Ronin 4
8. Wave Musha 4

Here are the mechanics:

1. Like Mizuno Run Club Fan Page https://www.facebook.com/MizunoRunClub

2. Post the photo of you and your long time running buddy or partner with this Caption

“Me and my partner (tag his or her name) running partner for about ___ years. “
Share your running experience being with your partner.
Then insert this “Hope we both acquire the two (2) Mizuno Prestige Cards to enjoy great discounts in Mizuno shoes and apparels. #teamMizuno”


Me and Patrick Cruz running partner for about 2 years, My running experience of having a partner like him, he motivates me always and he never left me behind in all races. Hope we both acquire the two (2) Mizuno Prestige Cards to enjoy great discounts in Mizuno shoes and apparels. #teamMizuno

3. Comment to this blog the link of your posted photo with your:

Partner Name:

This will be your entry to this contest.

4. Selecting the Winners. All entries will be sent to the Mizuno office to choose the best and meaningful entry among the rest.

5. Winning entry will get two (2) Mizuno Prestige Cards, for you and to your partner.

6. The winning team will be notified via email or will be posted in this blog.

7. Join now and share it to your friends!

8. Sending of entries is until July 24, 2014.

Visit Mizuno.ph

mizunoprestigeCongratulations to  Marco J. Dagasuhan and  Karla P. Malig you won the Mizuno Prestige Cards!



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