World Vision Run 2014 Race Recap

Photo credit to Rod Runner: After completing the race

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This post probably should be placed last week, but due to conflict on workloads, I just finished my World Vision Run 2014 race recap today.

In the third year of the World Vision Run, race experience constantly changing, always meet your expectations, it’s bigger and meaningful which we ran for the children of World Vision last June 22, 2014. About 5000 runners showed their support, including me by sharing in one road to send less fortunate children to go to school.

Nonetheless, even the World Vision recently concluded a week ago the event still fresh as it remarks a most memorable race experience in my entire engagement in running. It was the first time that I attended an event wherein I arrived late, but still push to go in the race no matter 19 minutes passed after the gun start starts; Approximately about three to four kilometers away from the starting line. This kind of circumstances is a bit frustrating and puts you more pressure in catching up the time caught you on arrival but still a satisfying one.

Being recognized as one of the recruits of the running community, I feel glad that through running we have an opportunity to extend our helping hands and chance to transform the children’s outlook in life. The success of this event is impossible without the benevolent support of sponsors, RunRio Inc as well for putting up this great event. To get you more detailed on my race experience, read the highlights below that make this event meaningful to all of us.

Before I arrived at the venue I struggled for some challenges and see the vast difference of being late to early. I ran from EDSA incoming to Bonifacio Global City.

Scheduled Assembly and Gun Start time– The race starts at exactly 04:30am. We are all aware of the strict schedule of Run Rio, fifteen minutes late in your respective distance you will be not allowed to run. I don’t think it has happened this to you, sorry to say that I broke this rule for the first time – I went off from the starting line nineteen minutes. Due to my eagerness to run and being part of a charity run like this is a great privilege, so I begged Marshalls to allow me to pass over my chip to record my gun start time, and yes I succeeded.

Assembly Area/ Event Area – The 34th street Bonifacio Global City near Mercato Area is most of the organizers location choices in the area, events held more often here. Assembly Area is full of warm support from various sponsor booths that makes the event more exciting.

Thanks for We Run for Good Health

Race Route – The route is not the usual one, a bunch of twist from Run Rio Inc before we sent off to Kalayaan Flyover. Race starts at 34th street went straight to 32nd Street by passing 9th Avenue and 11th Avenue. From 32nd street corner near STI College, turn left on 11th Avenue, then turn right to 30th Avenue, along this road I did find the last runner of my distance. At that point turn left to 5th avenue, turn left at the next corner of 28th Avenue straight ahead until I reached the end, and turn right to 11th Avenue. Stride the stretched of 26th street continual onto Kalayaan Flyover. After passing the quite tough and challenging hills of the flyover, off to that bridge we nailed the stretch of Buendia, Makati until we reached the 21k U-turn slots situated at Evangelista then back where we passed except the last part that gave a glimpsed of Triangle Drive.


Here’s some illustration for your excellent visualization recorded by Suunto Ambit 2R and


wv map



Hydration Stations– What would you expect in RunRio when it comes to re-fueling stations; Again overflowing of cold Gatorade, water, standard location of each stations and enough number of cups. Hope this signature move of RunRio will remain until the future.

Marshalls and the Medics – Well attentive and accommodating in incoming and out coming runners, especially at the intersections. Thanks rescue team for providing excellent health assistance in all our races.

Weather – When the time fall to six o’clock morning expect warm and uncomfortable environment, the heat of the sun nowadays is not fine anymore. In your upcoming races must bring your hydration systems, shades and visor.

Obviously hot! Photo credit to
Obviously hot! Photo credit to
What I'm not wearing? Check photo above :)
What I’m not wearing? Check photo above 🙂

Lootbags – Samplings and freebies are not as many as before.

21k Finishers Medal – The added reason why I keep on patronizing most of the events of Run Rio, quality finisher medals are excellent and looks amazing.

A reward for all the hardships.
A reward for all the hardships.
Few meters away from the finish line. Competitive :))
Few meters away from the finish line. Competitive :)) Photo credit to Red Knight

My Running Experience – I even somewhat pressure in conquering the 21k distance this event will be fall under one my most brilliant event I ever join. It pushes me to the limit; the spirit of hardworking is with me to reach the finish line injury free, glad and blessed. I’m happy also because over my patience and hard work for the past months, I was able to break my personal time. To the children of World Vision,
our strides are dedicated to all of you, never lose hope.

Overall: The event is well-organized. One thing that we should lift to all runners – be responsible in your used cups or trash. Congratulations RunRio and World Vision for a successful event! See you next year…

Thank you!


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