World Milk Day Run 2014

On the third event of Alaska Milk Corporation, I can now express this much better – this is my passion, running. Indeed, AMC succeeded to unleash three great events in three consecutive weekends such as Alaska Cycle Philippines, Ironkids Aquathlon, World Milk Day Run performed last May 17 & 18, 25 and June 01, 2014; respectively. This is the proof of their accomplishment and commitment towards the ‘m community in promoting the proper nutrition and active lifestyle.

alaska - 34

World Milk Day Run is one of my most memorable events, especially last year, the first event that Tina and I ran together but in different distance. Even though I’m sad and alone running at the recently concluded World Milk Day Run 2014, I still happy because I was able to record my new 10k personal time – 55 minutes, I’m quite satisfied than my previous races and at least a little bit of my strength returning gradually. Happy to finish the race injury free!

I would like to share my race review and how Alaska Milk Corporation succeeds on their World Milk Day Run for the second time.

Before the race
Somehow I’m ready for this race, weeks before the event, I was able to take time for my whole day busy schedule just to make sure that I have my mileages before anything else, yes I accomplished to do that. I did run as much as possible in the morning, then in the afternoon from the office to my home; I ran even lately the afternoon is ill-advised to run due to warm and humid weather. You will produce too much sweat at the same time you will get burn. When that day comes for World Milk Day Run, I’m with Franc Ramon onto the event venue. When we arrived at Bonifacio Global City the morning weather was nice, assembly area very much alive and everyone are busy in preparing for their run. I am able to have an Alaska Milk tattoo on my face. Organizer lends a 5 minute warm-up exercise which is important especially for the first time runners.

During the race
One thing that I really like in the Events Kings Organizer, they are really particular to the gun start time schedule, the race starts at exactly 05 am. Prior the race I promised myself that I will break my personal record. The race route is quite familiar, same as with the Natgeo Run 2014 which was held recently 10k of my 42k. From the starting line located at 34th street, turn right to 8th street and we headed to the first turning points situated near the 40th street. On or after that point we go straight to 3rd avenue by crossing the 32nd street. My pacing time at first varies from 5 to 6 per kilometer. When we reached the 3rd venue, the killer flyover waited at around 4kms mark (the Kalayaan flyover), in most of races reaching this flyover I count myself to walk in this part. While at the top of the city I enjoy the scenic morning traffic free beauty of EDSA. Off to the Kalayaan flyover we go straight to the second U-turn slot situated along Buendia corner Paseo de Roxas. Well, it’s about half way back to the finish line as much as possible I made myself to keep going with a pacing time 6 to 7 minutes so I could be able to finish the race within my target time of one hour. Setting target time puts a little bit pressure, but it helps you to push your limits. Right after the flyover all the way to the third U-turn slot passing Rizal Drive; turn right to 5th avenue until we reached the location of turning point situated near Essenza. From Essenza we stride for about two kilometers away from the finish line while passing wide roads of Mckinley Parkway and 9th street to the finish line. I finished my 10k race about 55minutes from the gun start time. It’s really a good run!

Photo by Running Photographers – at the Kalayaan Flyover
powered by
powered by

After the race
After crossing the finish line, your race experience will uncompleted without claiming of your loot bags, dropping in the sponsor’s booth and most especially in Alaska Booths wherein they served morning breakfast (chocolate drink and pandesal filled with Alaska Condesada). And since this is a family day, assembly area was completely designed for family – scattered inflatable slides and playground for kids. The crowd was great; everyone is busy taking their photos and compiling their race experience. If I will give the chance to compare the World Milk Day last year to this year, this year is more fun & better!

Photo courtesy of Bee Yeen - few meters away from the finish line
Photo courtesy of Bee Yeen – few meters away from the finish line
alaska - 39
Franc Ramon, Supladong Irish and I

Photo 6-1-14, 7 32 07 AM

Photo 6-1-14, 7 31 05 AM

Photo 6-1-14, 7 31 04 AM

Photo 6-1-14, 7 27 03 AM

alaska - 25
In three consecutive weekends I think Alaska Milk Corporation has achieved to send their very important message to the community, spread the proper nutrition by drinking milk habitually, encourage everyone to get into an active lifestyle and above all, practice the good fellowship of the family – this is the power of Tri!

My race review will not be completed without highlighting some keys that brought to a successful ending.

Marshall – Congratulations for a job well done! They are all accommodating, friendly and gracious, keep it up!

Hydration Stations – Overflowing of Ice cold water along the route and a refreshing Gatorade after the race.

Route – even the route is familiar to all of us; it was fun to run again in this place special mention to you the Kalayaan Flyover.

Loot bags – items inside the bag is all worth it, milk products from Alaska Milk, a little treat from Regent, etc.

Weather – not as warm before, it was great!

Over all, the event well-organized and completely great – I am looking forward to join the third World Milk Day run next year. Congratulations Alaska Milk Corporation and Events King!

Belated Happy Birthday Ms. P! 😉

alaska - 47

My run is powered by Suunto Ambit 2R
Photo 6-9-14, 2 45 48 AM

Photo 6-1-14, 6 55 59 AM

Photo 6-1-14, 9 19 48 AM



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