Alaska Ironkids Aquathlon

May 16, 2014 marks the official slate of Power of Tri: 3 great weekends; 3 great events. After the two days cycling events, as mentioned in the title, those three great events will be uncompleted without the showing the enormous performance of the kids’ version of Ironman (which is known as one of the most predictable and well-participated Multisport event), Ironkids. Last May 25 at Club Manila East I was given again the opportunity to witness the outstanding performance of Ironkids participants competes into a swim and run – Aquathlon (Distance is based on their ages).

Placing race number
Placing race number

During my frequent attendance in Alaska events, especially in Ironkids little by little I am able to tag on kids’ performance development from the awe-inspiring start of a skilled level. Seeing kids persevering for their future is a good spot why they are one of the must-watch events. As parents also such a nice to see your kids start constructing their future – taking off from water, pedaling couple distances to the next transition and running until they reach the finish line, definitely everything starts at Alaska Ironkids.

The swim leg is about to start
The swim leg is about to start

The whole venue was surrounded by dedication and support. As early as 0600 am, kids awake, this is unusual routine for most children, but for the future athletes thus far in advance for them is the great start of everything. Most of them, I already see in the previous events of Alaska except the performance after several months it accelerated. You will completely observe the major changes of their respective performance. Even you are not the real parent of these kids you can’t put off yourself to cheer, shout and excite. See, it’s undeniable that in the future this group of kids will prevail on their fields.

Same as other parents, I also specifically hope that my children in the near future will be part of any Alaska event – aside from providing information on the importance of drinking milk Alaska also addressed the good fellowship of the family thru active lifestyle and helping children to become independent.

Other action photos below:

Photo 5-25-14, 6 29 13 AM

Take time to look our top finishers, in the future they will be in the most prestigious Multisport events

Photo 5-25-14, 8 00 21 AM

Photo 5-25-14, 8 00 13 AM

Photo 5-25-14, 7 58 16 AM

Photo 5-25-14, 7 58 07 AM

Photo 5-25-14, 7 56 23 AM

Photo 5-25-14, 7 54 39 AM

Alaska Ironkids Trophy
Alaska Ironkids Trophy

Hopefully, Alaska Milk Corporation continues their support campaign to our young athletes by organizing an event like this.
To Alaska Milk Corporation and Sunrise Events, Thank you for having us here and I would like to congratulate both of you for a well-organized Alaska Ironkids Aquathlon.
Ironkids’ Finishers, congratulations! GoodJob!


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