Power of Tri: First weekend, Alaska Cycle Philippines

In the first weekend of “The Power of Tri: 3 weekends, 3’great sports events” riders arising from different generations such as kids, newbie’s, enthusiasts and even professional athletes reunites in two days exciting biking experience in recently concluded Alaska Cycle Philippines last May 17 and 18, 2014 at Bonifacio Global City. Around 1,250 estimated participants of children and adults was present to support the Alaska Milk Corporation’s aim in our community thru their leading brands Alaska Powdered Milk Drink and Alaska Chocolate Powdered Milk Drink (which is my favorite) – to promote the healthy, active lifestyle and provide adequate information regarding the importance of drinking milk.

Photo courtesy of Jun Mendoza
Photo courtesy of Jun Mendoza

May 17, 2014.

Staying under the heat of the sun is quite annoying lately, but for the kids’ participants together with their compassionate parents, riding with their families is more fun and meaningful. These kids enjoyed their riding experience in various categories based on their ages from Tricycle Ride caters between 2 and 5 years old (100meters and 500 meters), Kids Ride kids who has the ability to bike, 5km and the Junior Challenge is more challenging, designed for the older children who are able to finish as fast as they can within 30 minutes.
Covering an event like this is such a must-to-witness event aside from seeing these children building they future you will see how competitive their parents are, than their children. It also highlights the good companionship of each member of the family. And these days, as a parent, we need to keep them from excessive use of technology that brings poorly, therefore, let them discover the world of fitness and educate them the importance of having a healthy lifestyle.

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Finishers Medal

Photo 5-17-14, 5 32 00 PM - Copy

Photo 5-17-14, 5 38 49 PM - Copy

Photo 5-17-14, 5 40 03 PM - Copy

Photo courtesy of Jun Mendoza
Photo courtesy of Jun Mendoza

May 18, 2014.

On the second day of Alaska Cycle Philippines, categories are intended for adult enthusiasts and hardcore riders. Its distance is 20km for Community Ride and 40km for Challenge participants. Since this is just a fun ride in the metro there are some participants did their best to have a good personal time and others took the opportunity to see and observe the city by riding on a traffic free route.
Alaska Milk Corporation with the help of their products, it allows everyone to come up into a better living by means of cycling, running and other fitness activities regardless if you are a newbie’s, hardcore, professional or not what’s most important is, we work together and live together in a healthy and active lifestyle.

Photo Courtesy of Jun Mendoza
Photo Courtesy of Jun Mendoza


cyclists rule
cyclists rule – Photo courtesy of Jun Mendoza

Read more about the event here.


Alaska has teamed up with Cycle Asia, a network of premier cycling events and Sunrise Events to launch the Alaska Cycle Philippines where Filipino riders geared up for three days of thrilling bike action last May 16 to 18 at BGC. Over 1500 cycling enthusiasts joined the event which featured exciting and challenging categories for children, adults and families.

The event was graced by Chris Robb, managing director of Spectrum Worldwide and owner of Cycle Asia, catered to cyclists of all ages and abilities with different race categories.

Categories include Tricycle Ride which is specially designed for young kids between ages 2 and 5, the Junior Challenge which is a more challenging category designed for older children where they have to ride as fast as they can within 30 minutes and then there’s the Foldies Community Ride which is catered to the popular folding bikes cycling community. The Alaska Cycle Philippines was a “Bike Ride Out”, meaning there were no winners just plain fun to promote participation and most especially good health and an active lifestyle.

“We are excited to continue an active year of Alaska Sports with the launch of the three events Alaska Cycle Philippines, Alaska IronKids Philippines Aquathlon and the Alaska World Milk Day Family run. Alaska teamed up with international partners to ensure that Filipino families participate in sports activities as exercise to promote their health and ensure a wholesome lifestyle,” said Wilfred Steven Uytengsu, President/CEO of Alaska Milk Corporation.

The 7th National Nutrition Survey, done by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute and the Department of Health, showed that obesity is increasing with nearly two out 10 children considered as overweight. Under-nutrition is also a public health concern affecting nearly three out 10 children. Alaska promotes nutrition through its leading brands, Alaska Powdered Milk Drink and Alaska Chocolate Powdered Milk Drink and through educating the public about the importance of drinking milk and keeping an active and healthy lifestyle.

Alaska promotes a holistic sports development program for the whole family and encourages a healthy and active lifestyle through biking, swimming and running. It also helps in community development and nation building by nurturing positive values of teamwork, cooperation and fair play through sports activities like the Alaska Cycle Philippines, Alaska IronKids Aquathlon and the World Milk Day Family Run.

For general information on Alaska Cycle Philippines visit http://www.cyclephilippines.com.ph/alaska/ or https://www.faceebook.com/alaskacyclephilippines. For general information about Alaska Milk Corporation, visit http://www.alaskamilk.com, http://www.alaskaworldmilkday.com or http://www.ironkidsphil.com. For live tweets and updates follow us at @ALASKAsportshub


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