I am now running with Suunto Ambit2 R

1625568_796452053698813_2837126148376703193_n copyMore motivated and well-monitored, this is how I define my runs lately when I start using my Suunto Ambit2 R, GPS for runners.
At the present time, along with faster innovation of the world’s technology, everything has moved rapidly and hassles free. I admit that I am one of those who are trying to catch up the trend, particularly when it comes to gadgets and accessories connected to fitness activities such as road & trail running, cycling or in Multisport. Being one of the running enthusiasts I don’t think how mandated we are to go after in the transformation of technology, but if we think this change has a great effect and really helps the growth of our performance, we need to accept and embrace the fact that technology will contribute a lot in our development stage.

Similar to me, before I started in running three and a half years ago I am not knowledgeable to different accessories like sport watches though by that time, GPS watches was quite popular especially to those who are well- exposed and understands the importance of GPS in Multisport. As years go by, due to popular demand of running, the latest and improved sport watches demand becomes more aggressive in the community, even mobile phones has an application for Multisport goers to track their performance. In 2013, my running interest gets deeper, well-represented in different running events at the same time in blogging, which aims to encourage more people to get into running thru my written running experiences. Luckily by that year, I was introduced by Franc Ramon into a brand that spent years in creating and developing athlete sports watches, Suunto. Same year, they publicly revealed the Suunto Ambit2 which features is beyond your expectations, you will just imagine how they did to inject those things into a small piece wrist watch. And the intelligence of the watch eager’s me to get one.

Three weeks ago (present year) I was invited to attend the media launch of Suunto, the unveiling of the newest baby of Ambits, the Ambit2 R – GPS for runners. Here are the features of Ambit2 R below.


The Suunto Ambit2 R is optimized for your perfect running experience. It provides responsive and reliable speed and distance readings thanks to FusedSpeedTM, a unique combination of GPS and accelerometer data from your wrist. Suunto Ambit2 R also measures running cadence from your wrist.

Suunto Ambit2 R can also help you reach your performance goals. You can plan your own moves, or download complete training programs from Movescount.com. The watch reminds you of daily targets, tracks target completion, and provides speed and intensity guidance while you run.

Additionally, Track-back and full navigation offer the freedom to explore new trails without getting lost. Download routes from Movescount.com or simply select Track-back at any point during a run. Suunto Ambit2 R will show you the way.

Suunto Ambit2 R is available in black or white, with the white sporting a soft silicone strap for an improved fit for women. Both can be purchased with or without a Suunto heart rate belt.

With Suunto Apps, even more running features become available. Personalize your Suunto Ambit2 R with running Apps of your own, or choose from the thousands of free Apps in the App Zone on Movescount.com. They include:

Virtual coach: Let the coach determine when you should run easy and hard! This App is for endurance intervals. Select your pace level and the coach will give you target paces to run.
Ghost runner: Challenge yourself against a competitor. A positive distance means that you’re ahead while a negative one means you need to pick up the pace.
Running efficiency: This App helps you improve your running efficiency by recording the number of heart beats over a kilometer / mile.
High intensity intervals: This App gives a short but sharp interval workout. Start with a warm up, run 15 x 200m with 30sec recovery and end with a cool down.

Marathon time: It uses your current speed to give an estimate of your finish time during a marathon, so you can see if you’re on track for that target time.

Movescount.com, the online sports diary from Suunto, makes it easy to analyze every aspect of your training and share your experiences with others.


Ambit2 R and Suunto Dual Comfort Belt
USB Cable
USB Cable
Closer look of Suunto Dual Comfort Belt
Closer look of Suunto Dual Comfort Belt


Transferring data to movescount.com
Transferring data to movescount.com

My initial running experience with Ambit2 R

When I got my own Ambit2 R, there’s no big adjustments to be done into my running habits just to make myself more savvy in GPS watches so I could be able to illustrate the advantages of having sport watch. For now, since I am in the learning and exploring the period of my Ambit2 or, I will just share the first features I frequently used.

Definitely, having a GPS watch, especially Ambit2 R my running experience becomes more meaningful and it motivates me more. From different exercise installed on the watch (you can add more) I regularly use is the trail running and running exercise. I used the trail running exercise in the recently concluded Brooks Run Happy 3 Cross Country Challenge, no worries if there’s a river crossing because Ambit2 R is subject to 50m water resistant. Ambit2 R is reliable in terms of its altitude and route reading, accurate heart monitoring which helps me most. It records the easy to maximal heart rate which gives you an idea for some improvements to avoid over exhausted in the race. It accounts your fastest pacing time and kilometers you stride. Graphically with the help of movescount online it shows the elevation that you will imagine after the race how steep the hill is. And the two things that I really appreciates most about Suunto Ambit2 R, its quick searching of GPS signals and the battery life of Suunto where I remember the same observations of Coach Ige Lopez during the media launch – certified Suunto watch user.

Ilove the photo - Thanks Photo-Ops
Ilove the photo – Thanks Photo-Ops

Data are provided by Movescount.com
My records during the Brooks Run Happy 3 (Trail Running)

Movescount Interface
Movescount Interface (it calendars your activities)
Map (Ambit2 R records the route and movescount task is to translate to clear view)
Map (Ambit2 R records the route and movescount task is to translate to a clear view)
Overall data of your performance
Graphical View of my performance during the race
Graphical View of my performance during the race

Here’s a closer look of Suunto Ambit2 in action.

Choose your exercise!
Choose your exercise!
It connects to your Suunto Dual Comfort Belt (This belt is able to be used with your main device and it is helpful for strong and flexible connections among different devices used for monitoring of heart.)
Ambit2 R quickly find the GPS Signal
Ambit2 R quickly finds the GPS Signal

10334351_796452247032127_7317677270922371467_n copy

When I got my new sports watch Ambi2 R I am now more active in running and I can monitor my performance without difficulty. And I am looking forward to know more about the watch, especially the applications which I really excited to touch with, for the knowledge of everyone in movescount there are ready to use applications that you may install in Suunto watches to improve your performances and become progressive athlete.

In addition, from its perfect appearance of Ambit2 R you are free to show off anytime and anywhere. By the way, there are two colors available in Ambit2 R, white and black.

Photo by Barry Cruz
Photo by Barry Cruz

I am very much excited to share more things about Ambit2 R soon, folks!

To get more information about Suunto Watches visit: suunto.com or drop by to your nearest Time Depot store.  See you on the road !



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