Not my usual race #natgeorun2014

Before the race day
Before the race day

Natgeo Run 2014 surprises me a lot.

It’s been five days past after I finished my first full marathon in my three years stay in the running community which was held last Sunday (April 27,2014) and until now I still feel the anguish and pain that I went through just to finish the race.

I was at the venue around 1030pm of Saturday as we 42k participants scheduled to conquer the city at 12am, I feel quite and nervous and I admitted that being first time is fairly disturbing. Without bragging, one of my fears in my first full marathon is to get cramp in the race, which I never felt in my past races (half-marathon events).

Moving further to my race experience, at first as I arrived at the assembly area, check-in and prepared my stuffs for a long journey. The warm weather is with us. And that time, it was great to see some of my friends in the community and I am pleasured also that I was able to see in the assembly area the man behind Jazzrunner, one of my good friends, co-blogger and a long distance runner, Sir Rene where I honestly said to him that I’m quite panicky, I just did only one 32km long distance run and a little short distance runs. He keeps on inspiring me and telling me that keep all your worries away, no first timers fails to complete their first full marathon. I tried my best to keep all those in my minds and treat 42.195k a late night touring the city. Sir Rene offers me to be my pacer on the race, it lessens my worries and I settled myself that I will finish the race no matter what. When everyone starts counting down before the race starts, environment suddenly changed pressure ups and temps becomes worst which I never felt this before.

From the start of the race we’ve been together with Sir Rene. And due to excessive heat I passed only the first hydration station after that I made the succeeding stations my bathing stations, I really need cold water to be able to survive the challenge. Sir Rene is a great pacer; I was able to handle his pacing even there is a chance that he is gradually accelerating but still we’re on the same track. For me, this kind of distance is in-need of big adjustments, agree?

In the kilometer 15 everything has started. When Sir Rene preceded me, I decided to disperse & let him go ahead of me and nail it the remaining distance with myself. While doing my run walk in the stretch of Buendia because the pain on my left foot start striking so I don’t have a choice just to control and endure the pain until I reach the finish line. In the back of my mind, I start admiring people who are running long distance categories; during that time all I can say is I salute them because now,( I can now define and relate to a full marathon issue.  ) I also went through the tough part and pain brought by a marathon; I feel what they feel on their first full marathon, proud.

“Never ever underestimate the distance, yes, we can identify and explain how far the distance is but we couldn’t predict all of the consequences may occur during the race”

When I successfully passed the trials of first loop we go to my second pacer, Sir Franc Ramon. Never in my plan (what I mean is) our plan that we will see each other and he will be my second pacer for the last 21k. Days before the judgment day we keep on goofing around on social media because I’m asking some helpful tips for my first full marathon and since he just finished his first FM two months ago. Due to unexpected opportunities, at precisely three hours I finished my first loop and similarly also the gun start of 21k participants. I spotted Sir Franc heading to the first U-turn, and from that place we started to work as a tag team, he ran with me all the way to 30km, as a replica of my first loop I perfectly dropped by in all hydration stations. In the second loop everything getting worst, left foot has more pains. In fact, I came to the point to give up and not to finish the race. The power of words lends by Sir Franc is my ultimate weapon, he keeps on motivating me and change my negative thinking to not to finish the race. Everything goes slowly and time running fast. While I am taking every kilometer too long I let Sir Franc for he able to get his PR result is good to go ahead of me. Being with me for almost 10km was a great help.

, honestly I am not expecting any active moment photo during the race but I am surprised that someone tagged me on facebook a photo few meters away from the finish line, thanks to you AM Photography more power to your passion!
Honestly, I am not expecting any active moment photo during the race but I am surprised that someone tagged me on Facebook a photo few meters away from the finish line, thanks to you AM Photography more power to your passion!

When I reached the 32km marker, I sat for a while and think; last 10km how do I finish this? My condition is not good, where I am able to finish the race? Long distance runs will not only torture your physical capabilities but your mental ability as well. From that point, I stood up and continue the run walk alternately and consistently so I could be able to screw the remaining last 10km. The time runs faster, the sunshine start peeping to the last runners and felt like I’m losing hope. Towards the last U-turn back to the finish line suddenly crossed into my mind my family, which I promised before I left home night before the race that I will bring home the medal (reward for finishing strong). It lightens me up and pushes me to my limits I forget all the pains and garbage all the negative traits towards the distance. Well, after 6 hours and 35 minutes I am proud and blessed that I was able to reach the finish line before the cutoff time of 7 hours.


I will never forget my first full marathon at Natgeo Run 2014, this is not my usual race! 😀

Behind my personal success, this will not be possible without the initiatives of the organizer of the event, Event Kings and Natgeo Run. I would like to commend you guys for your challenging terrain routes, overflowing hydration stations (Manila Water and Pocari Sweat), friendly marshalls and staffs! Kudos

To my great friends and co-bloggers in the community, especially to Maam Vims for giving me the opportunity to race in 42k, Sir Rene and Franc Ramon, thanks to your patience and motivations, I owe both of you a lot! To my wife and kids, thank you and I love you guys! And to our spectator from above, GOD – thanks for your guidance and for the strength.

A photo take prior the race by Rene Villarta
A photo taken prior to the race by Rene Villarta

Nice Try:)
Congratulations to all finishers!

Looking forward doing another 42km with proper trainings! 😉


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