Mizuno Wave Rider 17

Feeling’ grateful for the reason that I’m one of the fortunate bloggers who have been given the opportunity to be involved in Mizuno Digital Network two weeks ago. It’s a great chance to better meet the renowned longest running shoe brand over the years of being the most choice among athletes of all levels. During our one and half hour one on one discussion, I just realize that this brand marks on athlete for a long time. And, I was able to see the fast innovation of running shoes as stated in the attached video below.

Know the Japanese Authentic Innovation:

Athletes, reserve a room for the latest ride of Mizuno, the Wave Rider 17 – looks exciting and very much appealing to have one. And fortunately, it was a big surprise when Mikee (Media and Public Relations Officer) took a pair of Wave Rider 17 to be able to experience the ride! Definitely, my first Mizuno shoes which I never been tried and never been ridden, but included in my bucket list. New shoes, gadgets or accessories will hit you more motivated, isn’t it? 😀 So, on the next day I’m quite excited to ride and I came up with my own evaluation to the shoe.

– Weight: 8.6 oz.
– Recommended for neutral runners and high mileage runs.
– It provides a bouncy and well-cushioned ride.
– To keep the foot breathable and cool while on the run the upper is covered with mesh
– Available Colors: White/Black/Fiesta, Blue/Yellow/Blue, Lime/Black/Red
SRP: PHP 4995



  • U4ic midsole delivers lightweight, resilient cushioning.
  • Dissolving upper fit with new DMF execution and soft, supple mesh materials.
  • SmoothRide Engineering for a brilliant run.
  • Lateral Forefoot Sculpting for smooth touchdown and transition.
  • Blown rubber forefront with deep flex grooves for optimal flexibility and cushioning.


Mizuno Wave Technology

Inspired by nature, Wave is the industry’s most effective midsole technology. Wave’s unique shape dissipates impact forces away from the foot for a smoother, more cushioned feel on every step.

Dynamotion Fit
Combination of shoe technologies that create an upper that moves with your foot seamlessly throughout your stride, eliminating stress points and bunching for a more comfortable run.

Unique approach to the sole of the shoe designed to create a smooth, rocking-chair-like transition from heel to toe on every step.


sr_touchA new advanced cushioning material that is lighter, absorbs shock and with its fast rebound properties, keeps the transition smooth and fast.

u4icA unique midsole compound that rides and cushions like Mizuno’s ap+ midsole, but is approximatley 30% lighter without any loss of comfort or performance.


air-meshBreathable and Cool. AIRmesh allows each running shoe from Mizuno to maintain a high standard of breathability for the life of the shoe, and allows the foot to stay cool.

Durability and Traction. X-10 provides the most durable carbon rubber from Mizuno that allows for longer wear in high impact areas and provides more traction at heel strike.

A closer look:






Ride Experience

In Wave Rider 17, no adjustment happened since my previous shoe that I’ve been using all throughout the years of running even the new one who is handed to me two months ago. But, there’s a big difference when it comes to performance and injury issues. By the way, I am a neutral runner. To maximize the ability of the shoes I used it for my daily trainings for a week and joined the half-marathon distance so I could be able to differentiate the performance on a low to high-mileage runs.

Short distance response: We usually do when our shoes are new we start to slow to a relatively fast pace, we do feel and study the response of the shoes to our body. Like you, in my first two kilometers the first thing I noticed aside from its good looking that somehow fit on my feet – Wave Rider 17 is light, effortlessly in stride. In its light weight feature no doubt that this kind of masterpiece will definitely give a good performance throughout the race. I feel the bouncy and well-cushioned ride where it comes from the U4IC (A unique midsole compound that rides and cushions like Mizuno’s ap+ midsole, but is approximately 30% lighter without any loss of comfort or performance) injected on the shoes. Well, my short distance was a smooth flowing ride.

Long distance response: I’m happy to say that I conquered the half-marathon distance with injury free. The more distance Wave Rider 17 is taking it becomes more comfortable and flexible. Less impact to the ground and due to its well-cushioned shoes it secures my legs from minor injuries may occur during the race. My race becomes smooth ride all the way from heel-to-toe off; I do not spend too much effort to be able to finish the race with the help of WAVE RIDER 17. And I noticed also, one of my problems in long distance races, especially when the weather is warm it absorbs the heat of the ground by the shoes which resulted to me uncomfortable but now supple mesh materials AIRmesh keeps my foot cool, comfortable and relax. I think this shoe was made for me. 😀


I believe that Mizuno has been considered as one of the most trusted brand of shoes over the years. Because of their continued support to the athletes they were constantly studying to improve the performance of an individual.  They #neversettle in one result.

Wave Rider 17 is now available in all Mizuno Stores.

Mizuno Website: Mizuno.PH


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