Be a part of Outbreak Manila Zombies!

Whenever you are watching any zombie movies, did ever cross in your mind and asked yourself “What if zombie outbreaks happen in real life, are you dare to live?:D”. This is just one of so many questions running in our humorous minds; howsoever it also helps expand the level of our imagination which we do not notice due to our appreciation in the movie characters to the large participation of horde zombies, which absolutely marks in the eye of the viewers, it triggers our becoming realistic, hehe – everything is real. A realistic that will lead to do everything regardless if they get hurt and get exhausted what most important that marks in the challenge takers of Outbreak Manila is to reach the finish line at least one life flag and SURVIVE. Participants treated us, as a real zombie not a human behind the artificial prosthetics. 😀

images (3)In my two years been attached to Outbreak Manila so far OM is one the longest fun run that I’ve been with in my two years and a half existence in the running community and yet still counting. If you are trying to ask me why I love being a zombie than a survivor / runner, for the knowledge of everyone I do love watching movies, but I don’t have specific type of movies I always watched, especially zombie movies it so happens that this is just how I love my passion and for me it’s a great privilege to try bizarre experience. And also, if you would ask if I have a plan to join Outbreak Manila as a runner, not now! Hahaha.. I see the future once I run and being chased by my fellow zombies they will make fun with my life flags, so for now pass – let’s celebrate by eating their brains!

Since today is a light and easy flowing Monday, I make a short compilation of my zombie look from the previous Outbreak Manila.

Actually, I am running towards them to get water :))
Actually, I am running towards them to get water :))
I don't see myself that I'm a zombie here :(
I don’t see myself that I’m a zombie here 😦
The blood keeps on distracting my eyes
The blood keeps on disturbing my eyes
You look awesome :) Thanks for the photo
You look awesome 🙂 Thanks for the photo
In this version, I got a lot of complaints
In this version, I got a lot of complaints

An epic behind the scene wherein I’m trying to levitate these two zombies! hahaha


This is just a bit highlight of my evolving experience in Outbreak Manila as part of the horde zombies. In a two-year persistence of the leading zombie outbreak, we’ve been successfully spread the virus in some spots of Metro Manila.. 😀 Feeling wonderful..hehe.. Aside from spreading out of the virus, the number of our interested flesh-eating-human recruits increasing! They more comfortable in the dark side of zombie world!

On April 05, 2014 at Walled City, Intramuros, Manila sets another mission to our fellow future survivors and we are in-need of human who are willing to get injected with the zombie virus! If you want to be part of Outbreak Manila Zombies, here’s a special rate for you! Available only on this blog!

Here’s how to join?

  • Completed Zombie Registration form here and sent afterwards to
  • Ready to scare people out of their minds
  • Available to attend Zombie School on Saturday, March 29, at 2pm. Location to be given upon completion of the form
  • Willing to follow all of our rules. What type of savages will we be without rules?
  • The first 30 registrants of Zombie School will get PHP 500 off who will register thru this blog which original price is PHP 1000. Registration fee comes with:
    • A donation to the Heritage Conversation Society
    • Being part of the zombie horde for as many mission days as you wish
    • Zombie Make-Up for all chosen dates
    • Exclusive Outbreak Manila Zombie T-shirt
    • Food during Zombie School
Outbreak Manila Zombies
Outbreak Manila Zombies


Thanks Franc Ramon, Zeus Photography, OMZ and BlackGoat for the photos.


Share your thoughts ;)

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