Runner’s World Magazine (January – March 2014)

OnLeave #1 – I’m out of the track.

Just received my Runner’s World Magazine for the month of January to March 2014 few weeks ago and I had fun and enjoyed reading featured articles and fitness tips in this issue, even so when – they provide useful information on matters related to Multisport, latest gears, unusual experiences in journey of running, proper diets & fueling, consider also as fitness guide, etc. For me, it’s really hard to take time reading of magazines, but if there’s a chance I am taking full time to read it cover to cover which I basically stops in race reviews and runners who shared their fitness activities that leads me to be more motivated and inspired in things I love to do. I’m having the opportunity to understand the runner race journeys/experiences & their dedication in passion of running which I considered that every step on the track and stride we make has a corresponding story.

The good thing in Runner’s World and the other brand of fitness magazines, though they have different covers and interesting articles in my own perspective, at the end of the day it still dominates their main goals in the community, to inspire, encourage and uplift everyone to get into the world of fitness & make a difference. So, let us turn the page because I just cheated myself to get a little more time to share highlights of the articles inside the mag. 😀

From January to March 2014, first quarter issue lovely girl and runner as well Anne Curtis reveals her running goal – To do her First Half Marathon, cheer up for Anne!



A rewind…

SAM_3562Turn to this page and check the highlights were in the running community unites to help our fellow kababayans who was devastated by the Typhoon Yolanda last 2013.

What is your goal?
What is your goal?

Or you may start on these…

Big races local and international…




Definitely, the best part of the run!

I’m quite impressed and interested in this place. Rolling hills… Let’s try!

SAM_3560And see more articles that will fit your needs! You still have time to grab your copy 🙂

See more details here: Runner’s World Magazine



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