Alaska Ironkids Aquathlon – Race & Play

Photo 2-9-14, 7 56 17 AM
Alaska Milk Corporation, keeps on molding future athletes as they successfully unleashed the first leg of Alaska Ironkids last February 09, 2014 at Village Sports Club El Grande corner Tropical Avenue BF Homes Paranaque City.

I’m totally lost for almost a week into my social media accounts and websites. I was not able to do an update into my timeline even my blogs suffered as well due to some important tasks to be done in the office. Today, I’m starting work on my pending stuffs which I really miss to do.

Before anything else, I would like to address my sincere greetings to my fellow readers, even it’s quite late, I think it still works, belated happy Valentine’s!

Last week (Sunday) before I dive into a busy week I was granted a privilege to witness a usual event which was attended by unusual participants, the Alaska Ironkids Aquathlon. Kids reigned again in the first quarter of the year. Since I often invited to Alaska Ironkids they keep on impressing me, I always reminded my childhood days and whispers to myself “why just now Ironkids was introduced”.

Competitive kids, proud parents, and impressed spectators were present to eyewitness the perseverance and hardworking allotted by these kids to their career. It’s pleasant to see them waking up early in the morning to tie up their shoes and learn proper stroke as the foundation of sculpturing they future sight.

As part of the media blogger, I witnessed everything…

Photo 2-9-14, 7 19 59 AM

Photo 2-9-14, 7 52 29 AM

Photo 2-9-14, 8 00 36 AM

Ironkids is a truly great playground for kids wherein they can establish camaraderie to their co-athletes and at the same time they had a chance to develop and explore their skills at a young age.

Photo 2-9-14, 6 39 42 AM

Alaska Ironkids Aquathlon – Race & Play it’s a two simultaneous event which RACE refers to the traditional competition who comes first to the finish will win the race based on their age group category.

The PLAY it’s quite successful, however only few who are registered in this module so I am encouraging parents and kids to look into this event. Play is created & aims to provide a great experience for uncompetitive kids that would only want is to have fun and to have an idea how Ironkids goes. Recommended start for our future athletes!

Photo 2-9-14, 6 49 28 AM
To get more interactive..I did live updating of the event happenings..

Coach Ani Brown, race director led the race briefing to all the participants. Race ends up into a magnificent performance of IRONKIDS.

Here’s the result.

Overall Race Results, click here

Photo 2-9-14, 8 06 36 AM

In line with this event, I would like to congratulate and thanks Alaska Ironkids team for bringing this one of a kind event in the country! Alaska Milk Corporation, thank you for inviting us and for your usual trust & support to my blog.

IRONKIDS, congratulations! See you in the next leg 😉

Media Bloggers, photo by: Running Suplado



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