The beauty behind six dashing colors of Color Manila Run 2014

Before I begin, I would like to thank all registered participants of Color Manila Run 2, spectators, photographers and our diligent, supportive color station volunteers who took part to reach the peak of success of the event.

We are now in the 9th day of January 2014 and four days passed after Color Manila Run 2 blasted colors in Bonifacio Global City. For the second time, I counted once again to be part of the biggest color run event in the country, same as last year ProActive entrusted to me again the most exciting but challenging task –a Color Stations Head.

Folks, if you were a participant last year you will see the difference between Color Manila Run 2 and the previous Color Manila especially in the color stations. In collaboration with ProActive, we prepared well on every station to be more fun and entertaining, so I am hoping that you could give us ONE LOVE for that . Along with our preparation, we come up to add themes on every station to spice up the diverting level of color stations aside from showering & throwing of color powders. So Station themes are as follows:

Pink Station - Retro
Pink Station – Retro
Yellow  Station– Mascarade
Yellow Station– Mascarade
Green Station-Candy Land
Green Station-Candy Land
Purple Station – Fantasy
Purple Station – Fantasy
Orange Station - Fiesta
Orange Station – Fiesta
Blue Station - Superheroes
Blue Station – Superheroes

I couldn’t help myself to rejoice after assigning themes to the color stations.

And the challenge is – since this is the brain of the concept as part of the organizing team you have to coordinate with station leaders from time to time if they are having problems in reaching their members, preparation of their stations, sharing updates to the organizer and volunteers. For the actual event, the night before the event habitually I stay in the area until the volunteers come. Whether there has a difficulty in my duties I achieved everyone’s expectations for the event. This achievement will not be possible without the help of our benevolent volunteers that the only thing on their mind is to make every participant happy and show our warm welcome to the world of running & we succeeded.

In every event there are always elements required to have a successful outcome. Mid of December I am very much excited to share things that proves the excellent cooperation and camaraderie in the community. Our timeline is less than a month to finalize all our stations from the themes and coordination with the members because this year’s volunteers are not the same last year, I randomly group them – so some of them are familiar especially the assigned leaders and assistants and a few of them are not.
I really appreciate the help, perseverance and patience of all the volunteers in doing their part to reach their inactive team members of the group in fact that was the most difficult task in our preparation.

The reason I randomly group and select volunteers in order to experience and feel the good fellowship of the group especially for newbie runners and volunteers.

To my fellow volunteers, I am extremely grateful that I met you guys – I know you are all busy, but still you gave your time and effort for others happiness and show that we are not just running for our personal record, to lose weight, to earn hundred of distances rather we run because this is our passion, a passion that we lives for.

I would like to commend station leaders and assistant who leads in the successful execution of color stations.
Ivan Patrick Pagulayan, Vicente Zapanta, John Paul Lipardo, JayCee Zuniga, Sammy Dela Cruz, Benedick Garvcia, June Real, Cristal Maramag, Ria Octavio, Kent Valenzuela, Leon Tan & Angela Mae Abad.

And the members of stations:

Jayson Agustin
 De jesus
Paul Ocampo
Jonathan Nava
Oddy Barcenas
Walter Mayuga
Geofrey Lopez
Jennelyn Sinsay
Abbel Macabecha
Ryan Conti
Lady Mharie Paginag
John Fabreag
Jaycee Zuniga
Jona Lou Santos
Ralph Diaz Estardo
Addy Magbanua
Glenn Balmonte
Michael Jing Del Rosario
Maybel Tiamson
Chester Ventura
Agnes Sioson
Raquel Reyes
Bing Genova
Evelyn Baronda
Tala Zandueta
Vicente Zapanta
Eugene Lim
Kaye Lacio
Diane Ang
Debs Teodosio
Saul Py
Mark Esparaz
Kenneth Calingasan
Harrel Silva
Trish Ynte
Zane Barcelo
Marife Cruz
Mark Banatlao
Arnold Roquero
Catherine S. Manuel
Karolyn Selda
Jennelie Sarmiento
Christian Contaoi
Liezel Hermedilla
Paul Adrian Aquino
Noriel Espiritu
Roi Patacsil
Patrick Macalinao
Ralph Julius Miclat

(note: those who are not in the list please inform me guys)

Thank you guys! See you next time 🙂

To the running judges, thank you so much 🙂

Congratulations to the best Color Manila color station: Orange Team


Thanks to Proactive  headed by Sir Jay EM and congrats for a hassle free and convenient race kit claiming.

Awesome Shots courtesy of Color Manila Run 2

1554486_559823144093432_421272362_n KB__6655 KB__6731 KB__6761 1501802_10202969741703753_726293793_n 1506783_10202015892931661_882882023_n 1538716_10202729259690361_923227786_n

Congratulations and thanks for joining guys! 🙂 Let’s keep running!

Thanks Photo-ops, Running Photographers, Pinoyfitness for the awesome photos 🙂

Happy New Year everyone, have a great and colorful year ahead 😉


8 thoughts on “The beauty behind six dashing colors of Color Manila Run 2014”

  1. sir jham, wala sa list si june real, john paul lipardo and me… hehe…

    thank you sa opportunity to a color marshal for the 2nd year of Color Manila, next time ulit 🙂


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