UK-VRC Runners Club Dalagan… Tabang sa Kabisayaan

For us, it’s common to help those who in needs and when in times of trouble no matter how far, every Filipinos will still find a away to give hope, especially to our fellow countrymen who was devastated by super typhoon recently.

Yes, we do know how strong the typhoon is but no one predicted how typhoon Yolanda will crash the City of Tacloban in just hours, unforeseen. After Typhoon Yolanda settled down – heartbreaking scenarios were left in the city its really unexplainable and saddened, houses was lost, the worst is even people and their loved ones won’t let to live by the destructive typhoon. It triggers also the uncontrollable aggressiveness of our fellow kababayans living in the city so they will be able to survive.

On the other hand, despite all these challenges we still remained stable, have faith in God Almighty and we show the priceless charity thru extending our helping hands.

Various organizations whether big or small make way to help the victims.

Me as part of the running community, I proudly shared the initiatives of the people behind of creating and organizing races for the benefit of Yolanda victims.

I neither took part in any run for a cause as a participant nor did I just turn helping in disseminating of different run for a cause event details with the use of my mediums, my blogs.

And in all of those events who were successfully executed, I would like to thank UK-VRC Runners Club who organized the Dalagan… Tabang sa Kabisayaan – a run for the people who deeply affected by Typhoon Yolanda for considering to share over the good outcome of your event to me.

To me fellow runners and athletes below are photographs taken from the United Kingdom and Virac, Catanduanes simultaneously unleashed runners last December 01, 2013.

Virac Catanduanes Team
Virac Catanduanes Team
UK Team
UK Team

And the funds collected from the event.


In behalf of UK-VRC runners club, i would like to convey my thanks for supporting the recently concluded Dalagan..tabang sa kabisayaan last December 1, 2013. You’ll be pleased to know that we managed to raise Php 126,000++. The whole amount will be transmitted to Philippine Red Cross (Catanduanes Chapter) to help victims of typhoon Yolanda. We hope that you continue support our future fundraising events. Once again, Mabalos! – UK-VRC Runners Club

Happy Reading, folks!


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