Fitness First: First PT Session

After my first PT Session with PT Dennis Fajardo

Week before October 2013 says goodbye, Fitness First Philippines formally introduced the Personal Trainer Program and Microsite. And the first to test the program was the fortunate bloggers who are blessed to be selected and be part of the Fitness First Ambassador Program and I am one of them but unfortunately I’m the only one who wasn’t able to attend. Despite all, they still gave me a chance to be updated.

I think not yet too late to recall the past, my first PT Session last week with PT Dennis Fajardo. And by the way before I proceed, Fitness First Mall of Asia is my home club. Are we the same? Hope to see you there!

Weekend break PT Session, was a good one- the return of the comeback in the fitness world.

While availing the opportunity gradually comes into my mind the importance of having a personal trainer. You can freely compare the advantages with them. And aside from their major role in your fitness career, providing programs and guiding you to be goal-oriented one of the best part of their presence in your workout is the motivation. Before, way back in college I’m an active fitness enthusiast, after school went to the gym do workout routines which majority of us is doing the same until we achieve our goal, to be fit or more.

I’d never tried to avail PT because all of my programs customized provided by friends and freshly came from our closest source of all our needs – internet. Yes maybe we could successfully achieve our personal goals, nevertheless there are some points that will not be successfully followed or implemented and the worst it may cause injuries.

The usefulness of having PT was witnessed from the beginning until the end of the entire session as I took my first session.

To have a better result in your fitness goals and be a goal-oriented, before we start the assigned PT conducted a quick assessment to know the fitness level and approach that would be fit into my needs and goals. And since I’ve been in rest mode for a month I honestly included when was the last workout during the assessment for me to avoid the high expectation, over fatigue and other reason that may cause injuries. Similar to me, there’s an instance that I wasn’t able to do a daily workout.

Considering that I’m getting back again into fitness my first exercise is 10 minutes run on the treadmill. Because I have given up my fitness goals to my PT, much better if I could keep that as a secret so we can see the difference. Let me to do my part and make a difference!

After 10minutes run, below are some programs prepared

Ply metrics Exercise– conditioning exercise, full speed, power and jumping ability.

Circuit Training – for toning and endurance as well.

Workouts are quite familiar to all of us especially for fitness enthusiasts; we have gone through in various trainings to enhance our performance. So, in my personal assessment of having a personal trainer it emphasized the proper techniques, implementation and coaching in able to meet our goals with the people who are dedicated to guide our fitness journey.

A short conversation with PT Dennis Fajardo after my session.

“We as your Personal Trainer, we are here to ensure the proper grounding of your physical exercise”. Dennis Fajardo, PT

Being fit and healthy is never too late; find your match PERSONAL TRAINER now at #letsgetpersonal.

Special thanks to Fitness First for this great opportunity.

See you at your home club, folks!


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