Safeguard 2XU Sole Racing International Half-Marathon

SAM_3107Its second “ber” month and almost 55 days to be exact before Christmas day and what do expect in these months? In my calendar activities, lately was the busiest schedule, from left to right tasks requests at work, meetings and frequent event invites which causes inconsistent to be engaged in various races and trainings.

A week before October 27, 2013, race schedule of Safeguard Sole Race International Marathon Leg 3, but this time its location is quite far from the metro, a bit hassle for me to travel early as 12am because as far as I know the first trip heading to Nuvali, Sta. Rosa Laguna is around 4am. Above all of the reasons, I really want to join this event.

The night before the event I supposedly left Manila at 12am which was my plan after signing-up at this event but nevertheless all of these are just in my dreams. My expected time departure is just the time I got home. In that case, I assumed either I am late or totally will not be able to participate the event. I left home at exactly 230am, slept for two hours, I lose hope I just simply wait the first trip to Sta. Rosa and my objective is to have a glimpse of priceless smile & strong finishes of all the participants.

Arrived at the venue at exactly 445am, definitely I am 45 minutes late after the gun starts. You wonder why I am eager to attend the safeguard 2xu Sole Race International Marathon without assurance of my schedule?

Simply because of its unusual concept to the other events plus great sponsors headed by Safeguard, awesome gears of 2xu, close to nature race routes and great experiences awaits on the track which really test your speed & endurance within 3 hours cut off time, which I really did in the second leg which was held at SM Mall of Asia last August 2013. Final leg has a perfect venue to conquer of.

For the benefit of everyone, these three consecutive legs of International Half Marathon, they unleashed in three different hot spots Leg 1 in Bonifacio Global City, Leg 2 SM Mall of Asia and the final leg was in Nuvali. Despite of all defiance I’ve been through to reach the event venue, everything is worth it.

To be more meaningful even I failed to join the race, while waiting so I be able to enjoy the perfect ambience of place and great weather I did a 10k run alone. And to share with you a piece of race review regarding the event which focuses only the assembly area and race venue.

Nuvali Laguna as Race Venue – Even though it’s a quite challenging venue to reach especially for early run events, it took for about less than two hours from Metro Manila, it could be one of the unforgettable place you must visit. Experience awaits here are the natural resources shading the entire place, ready to produce infinite cool breeze fresh airs, breathtaking views of the south, bunch of green tall grasses and for the runners a wide, steep uphill and downhill routes. Cyclists choice too!


Assembly Area – One of the best! Well organized, from claiming of hydration, improvised showers for finishers with Safeguard products #getyourskininthegame, exciting raffle prizes for the participants & awards for the top finishers. It also recognized the hard work of the participants who reigns on their age category; they received special awards as well.




Awarding Ceremony

It was an exciting and memorable event, had a chance to spend time with popular running bloggers in the community!

Kulitrunner, Kamote Runner and Ms. Ally Lim
At the awarding ceremony with the bloggers


Aside from sharing my first failure in attending a race event I will not let October 2013 say good-bye without appreciating people who have been part of my second year in running community. Organizations, co-bloggers, running friends, my supportive family and of course, the best pacer of all time our Dear Lord – Thank you very much.

Congratulations to Safeguard, 2xU and RunRio. Another legs next year!


4 thoughts on “Safeguard 2XU Sole Racing International Half-Marathon”

  1. I have heard that Nuvali is such a nice place. I would really love to go to that place and join an activity like this. I actually love running because it keeps me fit and healthy and would definitely join a race if given a chance.


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