Inspiration, determination, passion: brings me to the finish line at Endurance Weekend 2013

Trail with no end

 Joining the endurance weekend proves the power of determination and every race has its own story and variety of experience. Recently, another event has set another great journey and experience in my passion of running, I finished 44.8 km in 9 hours. Have you ever wondered why I’m fully satisfied with the result even I just did 14 laps of the entire race, simply because this is the very first time ever I run more thank 21km. ( Running beyond 21k is just my dream before) inspiration, determination and a big heart was there until I crossed the finish line.

A couple of weeks before the event, I feel restless at the same time excited and quite nervous. For me to overcome I make some computations to make sure that 12 laps will be finished within 6 hours which is equivalent to 38 km. Because I wanted to challenge and test the ability of my body on how far I can go I promised to myself that I will run on the trails not lower than 42km.

Endurance Weekend 2013, pushes me to get out of the box – (I am referring to my longest distance 21k). I can say that this event is a good way to experience a long journey of running especially for the first timers and also became the training ground for runners rather ultra runners who actually do strides more than 42km as part of their preparation on their upcoming events, I’m in the first timers. 🙂

“Respect the distance, every step you’ve made count it off”

When the days come so fast for this event, I just found this helpful motivational quotes in my phone which really helps where you can apply this also into your passion to keep you running regardless If you are fast or not.
julian-bialowas-motivational-quotes-7“It does now matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop”

This could be the answer for me to surpass my worries “what if I couldn’t make it to reach the finish line due to circumstances or injuries?”.

Attending something without any assurance in the outcome, it’s really difficult especially if you are a first timer.

My most awaited event has come! As early as 01:00 am I woke up, I just make sure that I will not be late in the event – for me it’s a big day and the location of the event is a bit far from our house. When all my things are ready before I left home my wife suddenly woke up and gave a short message, my wife says “I know you can do it, you can run more than 12 laps – take note: if you feel tired and exhausted, rest for a while then continue: if you encounter mild injuries, rest until the pain is gone: if you can’t make it be proud what you’ve done but I know you can do this! God Bless”. After our conversation she get back to sleep and before I went out I stopped for 2 minutes and I realized that she completely accepted why I love running.

Hydration system is a must + energy drinks + sun block :))


In passion of running, I don’t care if I lose or gain weight the important is I finish the race and I cross the finish line.

I arrived at the venue around 04:00a.m., not exactly but near the venue, by the way aside from first in the long distance race event it’s my first time also to run on the beautiful trails of Filinvest City, Alabang. Time checked, two hours before the race starts, in two hours of waiting I prepared myself, I feel and listen to my body, heart and mind. After that, I heard something that must runner do before the race – my tummy calls for an action, yes – you’ve got my point I’m hungry. Note: if you have time to eat your breakfast prior the race please do so, for you to have a sufficient energy. Afterwards, I went back to the area to claim the race kit had then I stayed in the corner and had a nap for 30 minutes before the race starts…….

By 06:00a.m., organizer calls the attention of the participants indicating that the event will start in a few minutes. The event starts from a warm welcome to all solo and group participants of 12 hour trail run. We undergo on a short briefing with regards of the rules and regulations of the race led by the Race, Director Mr. Remigio. He emphasized those who are planning to cheat, once you caught -disqualified (no explanation to be accepted) 😀 Even we are few, we are all excited to start and conquer the challenge awaits on the trails. Had a chance to meet some of my blogger friends & ultra runners Bee Yen Soberano as Kamote Runner and Vener Roldan of Run Unlimited.

Photo Credit to Filinvest City: Race Director conducts the race briefing
Photo Credit to Filinvest City:

Endurance Weekend 2013 is a two day event composed of trail running and mountain biking hosted by Filinvest City, Alabang. It’s a 12 hour race which aims to challenge your stability on how far you can go in 12 hours and to consider that you are a finisher you must turn-down the 12 laps in 12 hours. (1 lap is equal to 3.2km).

I can’t completely ideate!If I can recall the day when I promised to myself that before year ’13 ends I must join an event with a full marathon distance so that next year I will go beyond 42km, ultra distance (quite ambitious :)) but I wasn’t expected that it will turn out quickly. If I will figure this out, chances are very generous, imagine my first long distance race event is friendly – well thanks.

Going back, when the gun shot reverberate runners simultaneously left the starting line wherein the first kilometer is a parade run before we get into the trails. While inside the trail, in my first lap I just enjoyed the distance at the same time identify first the surface of the trail and locate the difficult part which requires more effort especially the steep uphill and downhill of the trail.

Photo credit to Filinvest City: I can’t find my headset 😦

And since the route is simply turn back and forth, if you will think about it you will get tired and satiated. Contrary to your thoughts, I’d never fed up even I turn over and over again. Every time I step on the slippery mud and passed on the relatively steep uphill and downhill which always give me a surprise you will forget that your route direction just back and forth, except the surprise awaits you on the part of the trail you hate most.

Each turn I made in the transition area I always checked the remaining time which I want to finish the 12 laps within 6 hours. While in the middle of the race in between 7 and 8 laps I really feel bad, I’m hungry! The kamote and banana provided by the organizer is not working to ease me from hunger, That’s why I decided to take a break and had my “meryenda” after I finished the 8 laps in 3 hours. In conjunction with our adventure a heavy rain occurs that makes the trail become more torture.

While taking my sumptuous meryenda I posted the latest updates in my social media account. After 30 minutes break, I went back in the race and I successfully resolved my hunger :)).
Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 3.04.45 PM
Approaching to the 9th laps was the most memorable and most scathing injuries occurred in all of my previous races my joints in upper left leg rankles, I can’t run properly even walk if you lifted the pain is uncontrollable. To get out of the pain and to survive the race along the route I sat down on the grass and took a rest, I wanted to cry because it’s quite far before I finish the race, it’s almost three and a half laps. Exaggeratedly, I closed my eyes and talked to myself “I promised to my wife that I will bring home the finisher’s medal proof that I finish the race, Lord please help me”. I stood up and continue the race, every time I need to lift up my leg I help with my hand for not too painful, I did this until I reached the 10th laps. All in all, I have two remaining laps which I noticed I have still one hour to finish the last two laps before six hours, my target time. I rest for 10 minutes before I went back for my 11 and 12 laps. I have one hour left to finish the last two laps to consider as a finisher, I wondered the pain of my leg was gone so I grabbed the opportunity to run again and I able to finish 12 laps 15 minutes before 6 hours. My race experience in this event was definitely great!

After the terrain and tearful route, when I crossed the finish line I took my lunch and rest for about two hours, since there’s still six hours remaining I have time to nap or relax, the injury starts from upper leg was transferred to my left foot near the ankle, which I think I got the injury in my haste last two laps. Due to my ambition to finish the race beyond 42km I forced myself to get back on the trail, I endured the pain and rigor to complete another two more laps and yes I made it.

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 3.05.00 PM

All of my sacrifices are worth it when I had a glimpse of my finisher medal and shirt, my injuries, LIFELINE MEDICS can take care of it, see? I don’t care! It’s just brought by happiness and fulfillment.

Photo credit to Filinvest City: see?


Photo Credit to Filinvest City: Yeah, its more fun in running!

Before I end this post I would like to congratulate all the finishers who finished and ran beyond the required distance! #keeprunning

To the Organizer behind this event and team Filinvest City thank you very much for this wonderful experience!

To my fellow runners,
Keep running!  Trust in our dear Creator and always thanks him for his guidance in every race, to his presence who push until we reach our goal.
Let’s keep our community rolling, banging and running!!

1208928_4920181137050_1235479983_n This race was dedicated to my family for their infinite support and love. 🙂

Thanks to Filinvest City for capturing our active moments!


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