Karera Lakas Pilipinas, OORAH!

1240460_10151644543243282_2070391314_nI think this is the best time to make flashbacks on how I surpass the survival challenge of Philippine marines in the recently concluded Karera Lakas Pilipinas which was held one week after I participated the International half-Marathon and few days past when typhoon monsoon and Maring hits the country.
Nowadays, Obstacle race can be considered as one of the growing concept of running in the community, in line with these organizers becomes resourceful in creating unique touch and gimmicks to transform their events into a safe, thrilling, tough and memorable experience in every participants from picking out best event locations till creating possible obstacle courses, and Karera Lakas Pilipinas earns to be one of the obstacle race this year marked a great adventure in Marine Base Gregorio Lim located at Ternate Cavite.

Attending KLP last August 25, 2013 such a great opportunity, it develops the relationship between civilians and marines in rehabilitating the Warrior’s Grill Obstacle Course, the training ground of the Philippine Marine Corps in MARINE BASE GREGORIO LIM Ternate Cavite which the event aim to and created. We, participants went through severe challenging obstacle that is both man-made and natural and the experience starts here & why we should not miss the chance to be with heroes of our nation.

As early as 4:30 am we are at the meeting place in PHILIPPINE MARINE CORPS Marine Barracks Rudiardo Brown together with the other participants and the Fabulous Running Diva Sir Rikki Suarez. Since this event has several categories which offers aside from running 5k with obstacle course it caters also a small triathlon event which composed of 200 meter open water swim, 10km bike and 5km run. From the barracks to the event location it takes 1 to 1:30 (if I’m not mistaken) trip.On that day, I was expecting that our service is the military truck which is good experience while riding people seeing and wondering why are you there somehow I experience to become a marine at least one time but well for safety measures, we fall to be a “VIP” so we ride on the Philippine Navy Bus.

While on our way there are lots of things passing through my mind visualizing the possibilities occur In the event and how tough & exciting the race is. After thinking all of those I fell asleep. 😀 Around 6:30 am we reached the exact venue of KareraLakas Pilipinas, cool breeze, the weather is fine, nice view of sea shore, no trace probable. From the time we bound in the area, I’m strenuous to post updates in my timeline to share “what’s going on”, registration and marking of race numbers.

Just woke up! Good morning! Thanks Sir Rikki 🙂

Note: If you will attend a race or its your first time to visit the place you must check the battery of your camera before the event occurs because you will repent and hate yourselves.

Since it’s early, we still have time to check and take photos on the paradisiacal beach surrounded by two mountains plus the sand a Boracay White Sand alike, in fact the beach previously known Boracay de Cavite but now its name is Katunkulan Beach. We maximized the time to do photo shoots with ourselves and the beach because in a few minutes the historical battle begins. Before I proceed I would like to commend Sir Rikki for the support and patience in taking photos of mine.

What ya think? Nice pose?
What ya think? Nice pose?

Marines, officers and civilian participants reunites in one event and shows the good relationships with each other. As a start, the traditional and mandated practice to show the love in our country Philippine Marine Corps band performed live the Philippine National Anthem, race briefing & announcement by the Race Director Coach Xhi Tabalan and dynamic warm-ups led by Marine Corp officer. SAM_2063

Before the race: my last photo, fresh and clean, folks!

And shortly the Karera just begun. In Every obstacle race, do you feel the excitement? Those types waiting and thinking what is the first course?  If yes, we both feel that way. From sand to uphill route which about 2.5 kms distance until the first course. The uphill was so destructive, unfortunately “I ate hills” even the road bikers who are with us  on  the promising route I heard their bikes were some of them change gear to the lightest set up. Those who are searching for a more challenging uphill route check the Gregorio Lim Base, try it. In conjunction with challenging road, absorb the heat of the sun which will turn your endurance down and you must be hydrated on that journey.



The first obstacle, you must need get-off with the web of rope to get into the dark and the flowing water tunnel to reach another rope way down to the river crossing.The tunnel is quite fun but perilous, there are part were slippery. The course is new to me, I haven’t experienced in previous races. River crossing, quite familiar in what to expect in addition to astonish in the beauty of nature and wading, make “patintero” in large and slithering rocks all the way to the next course, the sandbag. It’s pretty heavy, estimated weight is 5 kilos. After the wet part course, all the way into the following course:

1170813_580219992035427_170183949_n (1)


Philippine Marines assisting the participants, I salute!






Swimming isn’t fun 😀



Girl Power! Despite of exhausting adventures, she has the energy to pose! Like!
Military 1: How will I pass? Military 2: Let’s try to break this bamboo 😀

I called this part “dead river”, try to observe the color of the water and  imagine the smell of this river while passing, I forgot everything then hold my breath to avoid the stench until I pass and get to the next stage. Challenging and exciting!

From the “dead river” going to the mountain! thanks to Joan May Augusto Mallillin


How steep & hard the downward is, the upward is difficult as well which I came to the point to stop and rest.

Photo was taken few meters away from the finish line, barefoot!

When I crossed the finish line, my first word that I’ve said – Thanks God for this wonderful race. Karera Lakas Pilipinas is unusual, memorable and really tough race. Even I’m totally exhausted after the race I definitely enjoyed the course and concept of the event. Hardships, efforts and perseverance of the organizer and the Philippine Marine Corps was worth it. It brings a one-of-a-kind race at the same time it shows the courage and camaraderie of every participant. And to celebrate the achievement, Philippine Marine Corps and participants joined together in boodle fight!


With Marissa Falvo
Astig Solo Finisher
With Coach Xhi Tabalan

Before I end this post, I would like to congratulate all the racers who conquered and took the challenge of Karera Lakas Pilipinas. Philippine Marine Corps and people behind this event, you destroyed us! 😀 You all did a great job in this event, staff who guide and assist us in the course, thank you so much. To those who were not able to register and participate see you guys in the next KLP Race and don’t let this kind of event slept away, OORAH!

Ms. Marissa Falvo and Coach Xhi Tabalan and the rest of your team, Congrats and thank you!

This will not be successful without the support of the sponsors, congrats as well!

P.S. the pictures posted above will tell you how Karera Lakas Pilipinas push us in our limits! 😉 So, see you in the race! 🙂

Thanks for capturing our active moments: Ms. Joan Mallillin, Densho and Cece


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