Second week of getting back into running

12951_4752812752945_1771671870_nI almost late for about three weeks in sharing my running activities, folks! Week two becomes toxic and busy due to work commitments, deadlines and invites from various events. On that week my plan is to run in a week row but unfortunately I have done just two day trend of running from office to home, remaining days dedicated to events except Sunday.

Since Sunday is my free day, no event even work I maximized and grabbed the chance to make a blast of long distance run and use my new weapon in running, Go Paa Running Sandals of Gerard Pizarras.

Go Paa Running Sandals Story by Gerard Pizarras
I began running in 2009, joined my 1st fun run that same year (Timex ,5k at BGC). I’ve always been active and interested in various physical activities. I swam in high school, began lifting weights in college, tried taekwondo, wrestling and Bakbakan, among other things and injured myself in the process of doing all of these. The worst injury is the slipped disc that I had due to lifting. When I started running, these hidden injuries resurfaced and I had aches and pains after each run. I bought the “suitable” pair of shoes for me, which supposedly matched my foot type based on the gait analysis but it did not help in any way. Another thing that annoyed me was that my toenails are dying one by one, sometimes in twos or threes. I also suffered from ITB syndrome and plantar fasciitis. Then, I read Born To Run. That said, I became eager to try running with my bare feet because the book discussed that it caused minimal, if not, zero running injuries. I started slowly, doubting if it’s really for me to embrace or if it will solve the existing pains I endured in running. It actually did, and I shared this discipline to others. I discussed it also in print when I did magazine cover shoots for Soleus (Front Runner and Multi Sport). More people became interested and inquired through my Facebook account. In the course of my journey with barefoot running, I also discovered that no matter how brave some people are, they still have fear of getting cuts and scrapes in their feet which I totally understand of course. I had a few horror stories to tell like stepping on pins (that’s tolerable), broken glass shattered into pieces which is very dangerous, and the worst of all is stepping on spit. Ugh. This led me to give life to my imagination of creating my own version of the Tarahumara sandals that was also mentioned in the book. I told myself, this is closest to running barefoot and it could be easier for city runners to try. GoPaa Exclusive Running Sandals was officially born. GoPaa is the term we coined in 2010

which carried my initials GP and sort of declared my advocacy of barefoot running the Filipino way: G-good form, O-obey your instincts, P-practice foot, leg,and core strengthening, A-adapt to your surroundings, A-avoid doing too much). We also had a logo, which we copyrighted along with the name. So, in my little world, barefoot running became “running the GoP


aa way”. The first pair of sandals that I made satisfied me and prompted others to have a pair for themselves. Who wouldn’t want to have something that can perform a mileage of 100km and still not wear out? I must say that I became all the moreinspired to share this. I started giving samples to a few chosen people. After 2 months, orders came in one by one. I didn’t know how to handle it at first as I am first and foremost, an actor by profession who just happened to be passionate about running. But with my background in Engineering, putting things together is not that difficult for me. I accepted these

orders, bought materials, began making each pair with love I must say! We are now on our 4th month of producing the GoPaa Exclusive Running Sandals (Sole For You) and so far, we made 50 pairs more or less. Our clients have expressed their satisfaction and we take that as a challenge to be really good at this. GoPaa is not competing with any brand, local or foreign; we are just happy to exist.

Sometimes depending on my body condition I do barefoot running especially in my training days, barefoot  running brought a great approach into my muscles, but you just need to exert effort unlike the usual way of running, wearing of running shoes.

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 1.48.34 PM

There are times if you are not comfortable with barefoot your speed and time will be compromised because your performance bit slower that’s why I preferred barefoot during trainings only, it strengthens and reinforces my legs somehow I can avoid also some common injuries. So, after my long run for about 16km I feel stiffness and pain in my calves, well satisfied with the results, it helps me a lot in my previous half-marathon run concluded recently which will be my next post on how I did to survive a 21k distance within 2:30 minutes of 3:00 the cut off time.

Enjoy Reading!


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