First week of getting back into running

barefoot day

I successfully made my week productive, active and fun. After a long period of break in running I finally back, this is the real one unlike before I do run but suddenly stopped due to some family commitments, work schedules and besides I performed some adjustments to my new work career.

Now, I need to get back on the track to regain those times I rested, somehow I’m not disappointed and I’m proud to share that I achieved to run three times a week with various weather conditions, it’s not enough but it’s a good start, isn’t it?

How? If you love what you are doing, don’t let anything ruin in pursuing your goals & happiness. I consider running is a source of my active lifestyle, my day or week would not be complete if I will not even do at least five kilometers run on a busy and traffic road.

And for me to do that, I compromised myself into a challenging condition by not bringing extra money (real challenging :D). Instead of riding on a bus to get home after office and to avoid the manifold road traffic that may encounter, I preferred to run. (I don’t have a choice, though).

sakin11.31.30 AM

The route attached above showed the distance I took for two days alternately. On the first run, after accomplishing 8 hours of work, I ran under the widespread scattered rain, it’s quite exhausting and felt new in running (make use of your feet as a way of your transportation will get you home healthy :)) ) . Lack of trainings may cause change of performance what I experienced on that day. Second run, same route but that time I used to run with my barefoot shoes, pacing and performance is better than previous one. My running pace is consistent and continuous.

In two days alternate of running, I ended up and completed my week through running.(third run of the week). I used to run since its my free day and no event joined. The route was near at home, the weather was good and resulted in a great Sunday morning run. It’s a perfect preparation for my future run events wherein as of now in my calendar I have two events confirmed: September 01, 2013 Battle of Sexes Leg 2 10k and September 29, 2013 obstacle race of Mens Health Urbanathlon.


Hope this coming week, more milages to come. See you on the road.


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