BMAP Great Bank Family Fun Run, a huge playground for everyone

971173_555355934523000_292151618_nWhile browsing some of my photos in Photo-Ops Facebook page I cannot completely imagine that I survived the 10k distance in Great Bank Family Fun Run last Sunday (July 21, 2013), by reason of, one week before the race day my mind was fixed that I will be at the event simply to cover and come up with a race review & show my support in the objective of BMAP (Savings Conciousness) and besides I miss this one last year just because  the event location is quite far from the metro which was held in Filinvest, Alabang.I’m not worried with the distance by cause of I do not have enough mileages to take any of distances on any event and instances that may occur in the middle of the event.

The day before the event without knowing WithoutLimitsPh staff dropped a call informing that they have a complimentary race kit in the 10k category for me – thanks a lot. Since it’s a great opportunity to get back on the road I grabbed the slot and take the challenge and besides It’s my first time to run along Diosdado Macapagal, ASEANA City. if chances come, don’t think twice 🙂 I just said to myself after our conversation “bahala na”.

On the day of the event, I arrived exactly 05:15a.m. At the venue weary and sweaty due to I run from home to the venue– about 1 to 1.5km distance to ASEANA. And I’m  glad I’ve met some of my running and blogger friends and yet still have time to ready and took some warm ups before they unleashed the 10k participants.
Before the gun start no plans to break my personal record considering that I know I wasn’t able to beat and create a new record in 10k. My main objective before the race starts is just run until I reach and get back to the finish line injury free, that’s it – the mercy of god reigned and I made it for about 01:08:04 (unofficial) quite disappointing :D. My 10k journey along Macapagal was becoming memorable and fun, a good weather was with the event, lots of photographers who captured our active moments, overwhelming support of the runners and kids participants even puppies/dogs also joined for savings consciousness.

After my second loop
After my second loop

The route is engaging and wide, no chance for a collision of runners and it seemed a huge playground for everyone. The stretch of Diosdado Macapagal road was a great route, for 10k you must turn three loops across the finish line, 5k and 3k is one loop. I conquered my distance passionately, slowly and safely. One thing I’ve noticed in the event participants are all competitive.When I crossed the finish line, proud and satisfied with the result of my performance it is also a heads up to get back into running. Thanks for the marshall cheering on the road and photographers.

Very much ok, last kilometer from the finish line
Very much ok, last kilometer from the finish line

In the assembly area more than 37 sponsors (if I’m not mistaken) supported and helped to promote the awareness in saving. Big raffle prizes were given to all the participants who stayed after running their respective distances. I don’t want to prolong this post, I would like to commend the organizer and BMAP in the simplicity and well-organized of the event, you keep the runners hydrated in your long hydration table set-up (a warm weather was surprised to all the runners) and for the active marshall/staff and photographers.


Congratulations to all who crossed the finish line and thank you for supporting this event, you rock the 2nd Great Bank Family Fun Run. See you all next year! 🙂

I would like to thank Sir Ian (WithoutLimitsPh) and Coach Boy for providing a complimentary race kit for me. 🙂

Photos from the event:

With Sir Jay Em of Proactive
With Sir Jay Em of Proactive
Running Friends
Sir Franc of and I
BMAP Board of Directors and Amando M. Tetangco, Jr.
Governor and Chairman of the Monetary Board
Juan Republik
Enchanted Kingdom


Stage Area
Stage Area
Loot Bag
Loot Bag


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