Adidas King of the Road, reflection of fellowship and unity

Photo Credit to Photo-Ops
Photo Credit to Photo-Ops

Yes it is! Adidas king of the road is the reflection of fellowship and unity of our peerless Filipino running community. In my two years nearly three years staying in passion of running ( quite new) I’ve encountered hundreds of fun runs and marathons held every week .I Also joined and ran with talk-known organizer and most anticipated huge events, had a chance to meet well-trained runners, approachable friends with the same passion. And for being one of the contributors of boasting Filipino community I was lucky to be with skilled running bloggers.

Last year I was part of the king of the road 2012 together with my team Sigue Correr! Runners, not a runner nor organizer staff but a hydration cheerer. Objective? To make fun with, motivate the runners and make the spirit of unity get into the top level – we did it! In fact, my team brought home the first place in the competition. The task is quite hard and exhaustive but it’s the best part of the entire event, to give unconditional overall support to all runners in return a simple smile and strong determination.
Sigue Correr! Runners KOTR2013 Best Cheerers

Recently, KOTR Philippines ruled again last Sunday July 7, 2013 in one of the most popular locations of running events, Bonifacio global city and the event was executed successfully of the organizer team that’s always ahead – Proactive headed by Jay EM. In this year Adidas King of the Road I am fortunate to be part again of one of the most anticipated running event in Asia that seeks a true blooded king of the road, but this time new set up and relatively large scope of the task – If last year I’m a cheerer this year I was assigned one of the team leads who will facilitate the volunteer cheerers came from different hardworking, robust and active respective groups of the running community such as: Fabulous Running Divas, Ponkan Runners, Smile runners, Barefoot Running Philippines and Team Bandits ( the former volunteer group of Color Manila Run – Proactive event). The duty given to me was one of the challenging part in the community, your patience level will be tested and resourcefully.

The main objective of the activity aside from showing that it’s more fun in running in the Philippines we want also to develop and ratify the camaraderie and relation of each member of the team to cheer up!

Because I’m not too familiar with several active running groups, I had a little difficulty in finding teams who are willing to join – I sent invites in respective groups just a few of them replied and most of them do not miss the opportunity to join in the most awaited event and everyone wants to acquire the high-quality designed medal of King of the Road, they are all registered participants. I posted an invite in my blog and I got tremendous support from the community, the majority was volunteer of the previous Color Manila. There are some individual participants who showed their interest. The nice about volunteers you will meet new friends in the community and additional confident to your part especially if you are new in running. That’s why I usually do I have not just focus on groups because there also individuals has the desired to participate which implies that our running community are free for all. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sunday morning, around 4am group cheerers were deployed in the assigned location, fabulous running divas group leader Rikki Suarez stayed along 9th street, the bandits spearheaded by Jeff Manalo located at 9th St corner 32nd St, third team along 32nd St the Team Ponkan led by Jun Ramirez , and the two groups were assigned at 11 street near STI the Barefoot Running Philippines of Victor Cruz and the Smile Runners headed by Reggie Reyes.

Apart from 8000 legs of runners who converged to conquer the grueling route of Bonifacio Global City, one of the highlights of the event are the cheerers who took their time to show their support in all the runners and brought up that it’s more fun in running in the Philippines. From a competitive race the event was turned into a wonderful festival, cheers, motivation and unity dominated throughout the event. And due to unexpected influx of the runners the assembly area was filled with the crowd. The race was simple as that but it’s difficult to forget.

With the diligence and perseverance of the organizer to make the event excellent, in the continued support of sponsors, undying support of the community and group cheerers that allotted time to make the event meaningful on each runner, King of the Road is one of the most outstanding races this year.

So on behalf of ProActive I would like to thank and commend the all out participation and cooperation of the cheerers from the preparation until the actual event of Adidas King of the Road I owe you a lot guys!

Their group and names listed below:
Barefoot Running Philippines
Leader: Victor Cruz
Asst Leader: Rachel Villanueva
Ronaldo Nillusguin
Emily Nillusguin
Rachelle Ann Nillusguin
Jonathan nava
Enrico Caramay
Joenard Pollicar
Rian Christer Cruz
Arsenio Sarquilla
Catherine S Manuel
Abel Macabaleha
Rose marie Lozano
Edgar Purganan
Jomark Anthony Duesas

Smile Runners

Leader: Reggie Reyes
Asst. Leader: Jaycee Zuniga
Lilibeth Chua
Jonna Lou Santos
Mary Rose Maurin
Ariane Dolores
Mary Rose Lumbre
Diana Rose Vargas
Michael John Sinsay
Toni Carl Macaraeg
Gervin Maline Morallos
John Leo Ibasco
Denver Ballatan
Ferdie Canlas
Ernely Iquin

Ponkan Runners

Leader: Jun Ramirez
Asst. Leader: Darius Manlagnit
Michiko Cruz
Olivia Santos
Eugene Lim
Zyra Diama
Javiri Salih
Sarabeth De Castro
Mark Belaniso
George Liad
Reiner Tatlonghari
Shirleen Sharma
gemar chico
Hans Paulo Bantiling
Leandro Ledesma


Leader: Jeff Manalo
Asst. Leader: Cristal Maramag
Richelle Enego
Angela Abad
Sonia Santos
Jeannie Santos
Rosellie Esteban
Karla May Tuazon
Liza Demelitez
Feli Araojo
Rose Marie Delova
Medina Benitez
Mignon Ignacio
Toochee Metzker
Jay Galang

Fabulous Running Divas

Leader: Rikki Suarez
Asst. Leader: Vicenta Zapanta
Red Ginger
Sweet Cabiltes
Ivan Pagulayan
Alyna Bejoc
Anjie Lintao
Ayen Adelan
Mary Ann Milana
Lawrence Serrano
Angelita Tuazon
Crizzel Dugayo
Michelle Pineda
Regina Candido
Juvy Solabo

And thanks also to our judges who assisted in selecting the best, unique and creative cheerers such as:

Rene Villarta (
Rene Villarta (
Franc Ramon (
Franc Ramon (
Noel Camarillo (
Noel Camarillo (

Congratulations to Team Ponkan Runners awarded as the KOTR2013 Best Cheerers and thanks to SENNHEISER for providing awesome ย MX685 earphones for them.

To all the participants, Congratulations and thank you for your usual support, nothing more fun than Philippines.

See you next year!

Photo Credit to Blackgoat Runner (Reggie Reyes)
Photo Credit to Blackgoat Runner (Reggie Reyes)

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