Late Post: Energizer Night Race 2013

Photo courtesy: PRC Inc.

Saturday, May 04, 2013 one of my busiest day after my half-day office – I promised myself that I will run in the Energizer since that was my return run in the community but unfortunately I failed to participate and ran the 10km distance due I’m in the middle of an event launched. I have a complimentary race kit from Ms. Faye of PRC Inc., (who is handling the PR’s for Energizer) I claimed it and promised no matter what happen I’ll be back and if I can I will run my kit any of the two categories though I am registered participant of 10k.

After the launched I went straight in the assembly area to dress up and had the opportunity to run with head lamp attached to my head and enjoy the entire night race event. Before I start and while staying in the starting line the funny thing about this race I noticed that no one is running along the course if I proceed further to run the 10km I know that I couldn’t make it to finish the distance for about 30 mins or more, my legs are designed only to run as a running enthusiasts not a high competitive runner.:D

It’s because I don’t want null the race kit and the opportunity to be part of this night run, where I supposedly run 10km I ran only for about 1.8km just to experience the course, the concept of the race and of course to show my support in the beneficiaries of ENERGIZER 2013 who successfully merge about 2000 plus runners in one event to fulfill their objectives to share13 million of solar lights.

In my 1.8km distance, I noticed exiguous shortcomings in technical side that causes some of the runners didn’t enjoy the run especially those who are aiming to break their personal records in 10k and other distances, that’s why I came up to share what part of the entire event needs an improvement most.

The route was nice and most of us familiar with this, my comment is the design of the route on 34th street (near Lexus) it may cause confusions in marshall and participants particularly if runners passed simultaneously or suddenly beset.
– Hydration is relatively distant from another

– Event area was absolutely great, entertaining dance number, lots of prizes and hosts ( Mikael Daez and Regine Tolentino)

Photo courtesy of PRC Inc.
Photo courtesy of PRC Inc.

– One more issue is the inaccurate 10k distance – due to highly position official who passed while the race is on going the distance was changed and vary without further notice which caused the shortage of distance – this kind of difficulty is uncontrollable and unforeseen proposition and no one is expecting it will happen on the race day itself.

Photo Courtesy of PRC Inc

I still consider this event as one of the exciting charity runs in the community apart from running is good to our health we still gave us the opportunity to help people who are suffering and incapable to avail light for their homes. So, I will not make this post long – Congratulations to all the participants who crossed the finish line except me :D, and an Energizer for bringing this one of a kind running experience in the country! See you next year.

I would like to thank Ms. Faye Marcelino and entire team of PRC,Inc., for the complimentary race kit and your continued support.

Congrats and thank you!


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