The return of the comeback – Training


After a long wait and rest take about two months, I finally back! I now ready to go back into the community so I can share several running experiences and journeys. Since, I started in my new career I am more closer in one of the most popular venue to run and train, Ayala Triangle – Makati plus I’ve met other running enthusiasts that are very much interested to run but they failed to take this kind of active lifestyle often due to lack of companions. So, after I ran for about 5kms in the province last Labor Day I grabbed the opportunity to invite my new office mates/team mates to go out and encourage them to run regularly to meet their goals, whether personal or not.

We do some warm ups to activate the sleeping nerves, increase heart beat, regulate the flow of blood and prevent minor injuries. After ignition, we run slowly around in the vicinity of Ayala Triangle for about 7 to 8 turns and it feels really really great. Sweat from head to toe symbolized a healthy living.

In running, one of the hardest part is to start again from what you’ve started, you must need to adjust again and do run regularly to restore your active lifestyle.

While running, I’m glad because I saw the willingness of my companions in running they run throughout the training even there was a chance to rest, this kind of feedback is overwhelming because there are people happy and proud to be part of Filipino Running Community.

We closed our training session in a simple cool down program.

On the next day, Jham, I am suffering from body pain and I replied “we will run again”. 😀

In my personal experience, I have 12 achievements listed below that I want to share since I started in passion of running

1. I reduced weight
2. I became concious what foods should be eaten or not
3. Somehow, I was also responsible waking hours so I can do running regularly
4. Stamina increases
5. I remained  active for a long period of time
6. I encountered great experiences and challenges
7. This activity serves as a stress reliever
8. I found the happiness especially when you finished a particular distance
9. I’ve met nice people, running guru’s, running enthusiasts that keeps me motivated
10. I learned and earned information of different ways and proper trainings from others
11. I was able to help in terms of encouraging others to exert effort to reach their goals aside from crossing the finish line and receiving a finisher’s medal but rather to run farther
12. Last but not the least, finally, I made it to encourage my partner in life to include running as her passion.

Simple achievements but significant change.

Thanks @runningnette and @runningbelle for your time! 😀

Let’s run and keep running!


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