OutBreak Manila “BGC” Year 1

3After three consecutive zombie outbreaks last year, 2012 that was held in three prominent places which was the first is in Nuvali, second – Bonifacio Global City (Night Run) and the third one is Enchanted Kingdom. In those three, I attended the first two OutBreak wherein I experienced so much fun in chasing and intimidate runners to get their life flags – that was my big part as a zombie.

Last April 13, 2013 in Bonifacio Global City – celebrating the first year of Outbreak Manila Night Run another zombie outbreak was performed and again, thousand of runners are still participated to run with their lives. Rules and objectives still the same and the runners must be ingenuity, fast and brave.

Outbreak Manila is one of the event that I will not forget when I just getting started in running community, it pushes me to love this passion and turn myself to a wonderful lifestyle, great as I owe to the people behind it. In the last OutBreak Manila 2 last April, I was assigned to be the head of zombies wherein my responsibilities are monitor the zombies, make sure that every zombie is doing well, provide foods and hydrations in volunteer zombies in my zone that’s why I was there around 1 in the afternoon to help MDA Academy in assisting newly infected humans for the preparation of their attire and looks. Some of the zombies participated in the past Outbreak Manila as a runner, they decided to be one of us because they want to experience to be feared and shunned by the runners.

I stated above that I am one of the head of volunteer zombies, one week before the race I am planning not to be a zombie on the race day itself because around 30 plus zombies was assigned to me so I think I wasn’t able to join them in the field. When the race starts, I remember the time when I was a zombie in the first Outbreak in Nuvali – I am totally exhausted but worth it. You will see and feel the real fun once the runners released on the field, you will notice they are out of the track just to secure their life flags and sometimes there’s a chance runners stumble. When the 3rd and 4th wave released I cannot help myself jealous while watching my co-zombies and volunteers non-stop chasing and running with the runners on the field, that’s why I decided and requested to put make up on without knowing that I wasn’t able to bring my zombie attire because none of my plans to be one of the infected humans. “If you really love what you are doing you will make a way to get that opportunity”, I borrowed a pair of slippers and a running short that will serve as my zombie attire in the entire event. To be strange and frightening I asked for help to MDA Academy’s make-up artist “Kuya Kris” to do what look I want to be an effective chaser and it works!


The Event:
Every wave of runners, while staying at the starting line I worried to those runners who stumbled on the ground because some of them got a little scratch on their knees and elbows because of unavoidable chance they are bumped to their fellow runners even the organizer separated the runners into three types per wave from Fast Runners (Appetizer), Medium and Slow Runners (Desert). To provide additional advice to avoid minor accidents I approached runners to share some safety tips. Had a chance also to reach other zombies in other zones, the adventure trails with three accesses wherein one of the slots is full of horde hungry zombies, garter trails and the improvised haunted house.

The best part happened in this event apart from being part of the organizer’s staff, I was able to participate and back on what I’ve done in the past zombie outbreaks of Outbreak Manila, had a chance to enjoy the entire event with my new team mates/ officemates together with my volunteer zombies who were with me in the previous running events.

Thanks for joining OutBreak Manila! See you again in the next zombie outbreaks! People behind this event, congrats!


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