We conquered the unique experience in Condura Skyway Marathon 2013

Strong Finish with Becky Runner (left) and Jaylord Ballao (right)
Strong Finish with Becky Runner (left) and Jaylord Ballao (right)

First of all I would like to congratulate all the participants who crossed the finish line and organizer headed by Ton Concepcion and Patrick Concepcion for organizing such a great event like Condura Skyway Marathon 2013!

The race is done, annual most awaited running event was finally unleashed thousands of runners last Sunday along the Skyway! We are all witnessed how the organizing team prepares for this event for entertaining activity area, colorful welcome fireworks, unreachable and unique routes, observant, active staffs and Marshall. Apart from witnessing the event I am one of the participants who conquered the 21k distance, it feels great, proud to be part of it and had a magnificent run experience with my team, Sigue Correr! Runners.

An excited and cold morning when I arrived at the location of the event in Filinvest Alabang together with my team mates from Team SCR, Julian and Karen Acol. Since this is my first time to run in Skyway for a long distance (21k), I have  no enough space where I can put my excitement I felt about this event. I conquered also Skyway last year 2012 for a 3k distance. While we are waiting our team mates who will be running 21k also, we have still a chance to have a short warm-up led by Arian Runner. After a short preparation, we went to our respective wave where our race numbers are assigned, unfortunately four from my team including myself we are in last wave – “Wave H” with some of the celebrities like Mirriam Quiambao, Mr. Runtarantantan (Bearwin Meiley) and SAM YG. Yes, we are in the last wave , I still had the opportunities to see the uncontrollable satisfaction and excitement of every participant in the starting line. Before they release a group of participants they provide first some safety guidelines and advisory “do’s and dont’s” while on the route, sharing hotline numbers in case of emergency, a quick review about the markers posted in every distant and a “Good Luck Message” in behalf of the organizing team. It’s undeniable that Condura Skyway Marathon 2013 was patronized by the majority because of its unusual experience running/marathon event in the country.

When our turn comes, after a quick briefing a signal strikes which implies the race is on. While heading towards the Skyway I am very cautious in every step of my feet – because I wasn’t able to do some trainings and preparations for 21k distance, for me to complete and finish the race I brought – courage, perseverance, a goal not to break my personal time but to finish the race injury free and sure that I enjoy, and above all the trust in God. In the middle of my adventure stretch of Skyway, I met motivations from my team mates and friends in the running community that gave additional strength.

Besides the good things I encountered that helps me a lot in the middle of the race, from the starting line to 10.5k U-turn slots  hydration stations provided a consistent water supply in every 1.5k for the runners with a complete staffs and the medics for support. And from the U-turn slot after 10.5k way back to the finish line, another invariable hydration stations posted in every 1.5k but this time aside from water, in this stations banana and 100 plus sports drinks are provided. I run-walk when my right knee and calf feel tired, I kept not to fall into cramps. Way back to the finish line – I don’t remember the exact  location of the ambulance and its name where I noticed about 3 – 4 medic staffs ( if I’m not mistaken) sleeping inside of the ambulance that I think it’s unfair to the other medical personnel who are not able to rest in giving assistance to the participants.

I offered the last 4km distance to our Beloved Team President Romel Defeo who failed to reach the finish line due to unforeseen circumstances. At this distance,  from that point where I stand I have seen the crowd that says  nothing more beautiful in running community. We united and embraced this challenge for the mangroves to be planted in various places in the country as one of the main concern and objectives why Condura Marathon was born – to help preserve our marine environment.

After exhausting and enjoyable stretch of Skyway, few steps from the finish line domination of joy and I felt proud because I’m not entirely injured when I crossed the finish line and I still have more energy left to enjoy the day together with my team. It was a great run and a remarkable experience for me and to my team.

Congratulations to all who participated and supported the Condura Skyway Marathon 2013! People behind this event,  to Mr. Patrick and Ton Concepcion thank you for bringing this incomparable pleasure and unforgettable experience in Filipino Running Community! See you all in Condura Skyway Marathon 2014!

To my team SCR, Congrats guys – we are now heading to a new great adventure of our passion – let’s keep running to reach our goals!

Thanks Arian Runner for the race kit!

See you on the road!

Vampire Runner while taking his Blood Pressure by Rommel Hilaria
Vampire Runner while taking his Blood Pressure by Rommel Hilaria


Tsunami Runner while taking his Blood Pressure by Rommel Hilaria
Tsunami Runner while taking his Blood Pressure by Rommel Hilaria
Team SCR
Team SCR

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