Totally exhausting but worth it – Color Manila Run 2013

Photo by Glen Oli
Photo by Glen Oli

From the very start when Color Manila Run 2013 publicized and shared it with the running community the first thing I felt was “excitement” though I have not even know the full details of the event or what will be the flow of the event but all my questions answered when I was invited to attend the press conference and after a week organizing team headed by Jay Em of ProActive and Ian of WithoutLimits  invited me to be part of this event as the head of the color manila volunteers.

On my part, it’s a big responsibility and I want to be one of the participants of the event to experience the real fun in the community, run every station, color and pour yourselves with different color powders. Last Sunday, thousands of participants unleashed in Bonifacio Global City to experience  the first ever color event in the country.

I am very much excited, in fact Saturday night I was there in the assembly area to fix all my stuffs before the volunteer comes, from deployment of color station paraphernalia, distribution of color powders, assist in placing of flags in different stations and make some plans on how the stations will be the highlight of the event since this is a first run. One hour before the event starts after a short orientation with the color manila volunteers, we deployed the color volunteers on their respective stations waiting in the route.

It’s totally exhausting and yawnful but when the event started you will see the real fun in the running community, color stations are busy in pouring and throwing the color powder to make the participants more colorful physically, they produced a color cloud that covers the entire area of the station when you came out if you are a fresh and clean runner, you will be a big bird in yellow station, Smurf in blue station, Barney in purple station, pink panther in pink station, ninja turtles in green station or rather if you have all the colors you will look like a beggar. 😀 I do not regret that I wasn’t able to run in Color Manila Run I am even more delighted because I still had the opportunity to play with the participants even I am one of the staff, I witnessed how happy and enjoyed both staff and participants. Some of them stay at the station, rolled in the color powders and make fun with the other participants by throwing their friends with color powders that symbolizes a great start of 2013, colorful perspective to the community!

Photo by Glen Oli
Photo by Glen Oli
Photo by Blackgoat Runner
Photo by Blackgoat Runner

The best part of this event aside from thousand of participants joined the Color Manila Run 2013 – in this event shows the unity, cooperation and camaraderie of the color station volunteers to make this event colorful and successful. Some of them not acquaintances but still they made all the best to ensure and express that that “it’s more fun in running”. So, in behalf of the organizer, I would like to thank all the color manila volunteers, photographers and cheerers allocated time to support the first ever Kangaroos Color Manila Run 2013.

Below are the list of the volunteers:

Color Station Volunteers
Dyanalyn Villacorte                                   Jobert Dela Victoria
Regine Conche                                              Mary Angeline Evangelista
Verdick Masancay                                      Fernando Sunga
Raquel Ulep                                                   Ryan Conti
Agnes Sioson                                                 Jemee Joan De Jesus
Jheonen Ramos                                           Jayson Agustin
Vincente Zapanta Jr.                                 Kenneth Bautista
Leonidas Tan II                                           Benedict Garcia
Reggie Reyes                                                Priscila Alto
Maria Tiffany Evangelista                      Diana Rose Salonga
Jonah May Trapal                                      Lady Mharie Paginag
Jeff Manalo                                                   June Real
Rikki Suarez                                                 Ma. Leah Garcia
Angelo Bryan Perito                                 Sammy Dela Cruz
Kevin Jhon Paul Armendez                   Cleodelia Armendez
Joana Armendez                                        Clems Erickson Amoranto
Christalyn Maramag                                Rosita Menor
Ace Armendez                                             Juan Carlo Suniga
Sonia Ison                                                    Arlyn Matarondo
Angela Mae Abad                                     Lea Joy Din
Renhart Dela Cruz                                    Alicia Rosales
Jose Tuason                                                Rolly Rosqueta
Jayson Pagauisan                                     Elvin Pastorfide
Jane Santos                                                Alvin John Rosales
Christopher John Sta. Cruz                 Patrick Pagulayan
Pamela Mangampo                                 Rocel Poblete
Jay Francis Estallo                                  Toni Carl Macaraeg
Jonna Lou Santos                                    John Fabreag

Color Manila Run 2013 Cheerers
Jennifer Soria
John Paul Lipardo
Liezel Hermedilla
Edgar Puruganan
Reese Rogel
Ray Malupeng
Meden Ching
Romeo Ching
Mary Ann Ching
Edgardo Ching
David Eusebio
Ralph Estardo

Volunteer Photographers
Lianne Bacorro
Glen Oli

Yellow Station - Photo by Blackgoat Runner
Yellow Station – Photo by Blackgoat Runner
Blue Station - Photo by Jobert Dela Victoria
Blue Station – Photo by Jobert Dela Victoria
Pink Station - Photo by Glen Oli
Pink Station – Photo by Glen Oli
Purple Station
Purple Station

Other station photos to be posted soon. 🙂

Congratulations to ProActive, WithoutLimits, Kangaroos and all the participants of Color Manila Run 2013!!!!


10 thoughts on “Totally exhausting but worth it – Color Manila Run 2013”

  1. Even I doesn’t have any regret not joining the 1st Color Manila Run.. seeing our fellow friends and runners with different Smile, Reaction, Intensity and the value of freedom to do anything… Childish or not was a big fulfillment… this event truly ROCKS!!!!!!


  2. Event was a success, This is my first time to be a volunteer. and based on my experience, it was fun and We really got tired sprinting for every clean runner that pass by, making sure that all runner whether fast or slow is covered with green. I guess that goes the same with all other color station making the first color run a success.


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