Celebration at Reyes Barbecue

Reyes Barbecue, Grilled Bangus and Steak – Java Rice

After 4 months, finally our baby is now a Christian. We celebrated this occasion last November 25, 2012 at Reyes Barbecue. Aside from witnessing the baptism of our baby they are our choice to provide grilled dishes for our guests. One week before this event we’ve been visited also other restaurants/ food chains that will cater our occasion. Since we both love to eat grilled dishes ( me and my wife) we chosen Reyes Barbecue for a change especially this is also a special occasion and aside from that we basically looking for a venue near the church.

Why I shared this resto? Not only to highlight the dishes they served on the day of the occasion but the excellent service on their staffs. Regarding the foods, grilled steaks, pork barbecue, roasted chicken, Java rice, etc are given that they are all delicious, tasty and succulent. But now, when it comes to service to their guests is well-trained and organized. I remember when we inquired about the package they offered – I was surprised at the attitude of their Supervisor (if I’m not mistaken) Mr. Remson, he is very accommodating and good staff to talk so I think that’s the reason that’s why we chose Reyes Barbecue as our reception venue. He’s the man of option :D, why? While we are choosing our package on their menu flyers, instead of accepting and list the menu he interrupted as politely to give other options where we can save. It’s a good staff right? He is not only concerned with the profit of their restaurant but he is concerned too with the budget of his clients, plus he offered the venue if our guests reach  40 visitors the restaurant will close and open only for the occasion for three hours – good deal!

On the event itself

Reyes Barbecue

I was surprised again on how they prepared the venue for my baby, you will not imagine the location of our reception is in the middle of a busy place (Baclaran), a perfect ambiance and a good choice for an occasion like this.  You will feel how welcome you are and how they valued their clients. All of their staff are busy in serving but you can see that they are friendly and approachable in all of your concerns. I already shared about the good things about this restaurant now I just want to share my one critique for them, they misspelled the name of my baby 😦 instead Shaunna Jhamei they put Shaunna Jhamie. 😦

Reyes Barbecue Baclaran:
Thanks for the great venue and foods.
Our friends/ visitors impressed in your service.
Mr. Remson, keep it up, you really love your work!
Staff – Just keep being friendly and approachable in all of your clients.

Thank you!

For more information visit their facebook fan page ->http://www.facebook.com/ReyesBarbecue


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