SunPIOLOGY Run 2012 unleashed runners for their beneficiaries

Warming Up – Photos from WithoutLimits

Nowadays, all I can say in running, it’s very helpful and awesome. The good things in running it was a great opportunity for everyone, no participants preferred – everyone can join, each of us can run with your shoes nor barefoot, the more you love this passion you are welcome to experience running. This is not only for those who ran fast, open to all who wants to hooked in this lifestyle. Running also provided a way to have a good relationship to each other through sharing of their running experiences, thoughts, techniques and how they are preparing for a race. Even the popular names and celebrities in different industry they also had the opportunity to participate in the event, additional excitement and fun in the running community. Essentially, everyone can join impersonal in running!

Another good run for a cause was held last Saturday, November 24, 2012, the SunPIOLOGY Run 2012.  Celebrities from Star Magic showed a full support in this event where one of the beneficiaries is the Hebreo Foundation of Mr. Piolo Pascual, running icon of SunPIOLOGY Run 2012.  This foundation and the rest most of their advocacy highlighted in helping the unprivileged children.

I was there to run the 12km distance, one hour before the gun start participants are too busy dropping by in different booths and since they are all know that most of the celebrities of Star Magic will be there, so they are excited to see their idols personally. It’s my first time to join a sunset race and it was my first time that I’ve been participating in an event together with my younger sister to support. I brought her so she got a snap in her celebrity idol Maja Salvador on the concert area. When participants started to come to the race area, the crowd makes the event more exciting especially when the celebrity runners came out and position themselves at the starting line.

After warming-up,  when the trigger pulled a signal for 12k runners to start conquer the Mckinley Hill Taguig City, I am one of those runners. When I’m about to reach 2km I am not compatible with the heat of the sun,  my approach in running was damaged when I feel dehydrated immediately plus the heat absorbed in my shoes. I did not experience those factors in my previous events and since it was my first time to run under the heat of the sun in the afternoon there was a big difference in the morning run. I remember when I conquered same route in the previous Discovery Vertical Run where I ran the 3km and got the tenth place in the male category. After the destructive hills, runners appeared along Lawton Avenue, when I reached the 7km I already removed my shoes and run in barefoot, I’m not comfortable  due to heat absorbed in my shoes that’s why I decided to remove and run until I reach the finish line.

800 meters from the starting line, I was surprised when my left leg stiff and a few minutes “shocks cramps!”. I took time to rest I want to finish the race injury free so I ask for help from the organizers staff and he assisted me immediately ( Thanks to you man! ) After that I did run continuous slower just to reach the finish line because I felt my right leg will going to turn to cramps also.

Crossing the finish line is a great achievement in running! And the best award I’ve gotten on that day is my finisher’s medal.

After the race we stayed at the concert area to rest and witness the performance  of the Star Magic  celebrities as a give back in supporting the SunPIOLOGY Run 2012. Before I left the concert, had a snap shot from Sweet, Pokwang, Maja Salvador, Piolo Pascual, Xian Lim, Angeline Quinto and Raver Cruz. I did not stay  long because I am really tired after conquering the 12km distance.

To WithoutLimits and ProActive:

Well-organized event
Complete hydration
The route was totally challenging
Lawton Avenue ( there are some of the vehicles used the runners lane) 😀
Thanks to the entertaining booths all over the assembly area

SunPIOLOGY Run 2012
Thanks for having us here, continue supporting the unprivileged children and we are glad that RUNNING is one of your foundation to have a successful project like this.

Congratulations to all the participants, organizers, SUN Life Financial and SunPIOLOGY Run 2012! See you next year!

” The best part in this race, while I’m running there was an elite female runner tap my shoulder and said go go go !”  🙂


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