What I did on my long weekend vacation..

October 31, 2012, Wednesday – A day before the long weekend vacation, lazy to go to my office because I was expecting that October 31 will declare also as a non-working holiday but I failed! I went to work, do my regular routine – work from 9am to 7am, that was totally amazing. After work, a quick invitation coming from my colleague at Subterranean Ideas, an invitation to celebrate Halloween at the Top of the Century located in Century Park Hotel. A great treat before the month of October ends, since it was a Halloween most of the establishment staffs follow the horror theme. When we reach the restaurant at the Top of the Century we had a great time to relax and unwind while listening live to Chanteuse Crisha Ledesma with Pianist Bobby Cabral as they serenade you for the entire night. Since I do not drink any alcoholic drinks and beverages even wine I enjoyed the night with a glass of very refreshing iced tea, a delicious, tasty and melted cheese pizza, crispy chicken and club house with fries. To make the night more frightening, a black veiled women and humpback man who is serving with us. I got a snap shot on the Ezra Band Vocalist, Kaye – Pilipinas Got Talent Contestant, a great voice when he/she sang the “Wonderful Tonight”. What a magnificent night! On the next day..

November 01 – 02, 2012, Solemnity of all Saints and Souls, In every Filipino’s heart an occasion like this is one of the most awaited event or also a vacation every year, aside from remembering the wonderful memories of their loved ones who passed away, this was also a great time to bond with their families where most of the members of the family living in distant places had time to meet their relatives as a respect in this occasion especially for their loved ones. I remember my childhood days when I was staying in my hometown in the province of Virac, Catanduanes – I am a pure Bicolano and I’m proud of it! During the period when I was in our province, it’s a tradition to go shopping with flowers and candles to place on the grave on the day of “Undas”. On the day, families and relatives will bring foods and anything that can entertain themselves while staying at the cemetery all night and since it was only happening once a year everyone maximizes the opportunity to stay. But unfortunately, I miss this tradition this year, but the best thing that I did last long weekend vacation, is to stay and bond with my family and to remember our loved one now gone, we lighten up a candle outside of our house so they will not huff.

I had a great time and so much fun with my family, it was my first time that I spent two days for my wife and to my baby now just happened. Attended a mass at Redemptorist Church and had a delicious breakfast. Time runs faster and I don’t want to end the day because after this vacation back to work again and got busy. Looking forward and wait for another long vacation to make this special day happens again.

On the third day, November 03, 2012, after 2 days of rest, went back to our group training together with my Sigue Correr! Runners team mates, we did our training for the first time in Quirino Grandstand, a fair-weather witnessed the different trainings led by Arvin and Aries. In the last day of long weekend vacation I was given the opportunity to assist Mot Rasay’s during his prenup/ engagement session. From his discreet shots in MRT from Taft Station to North Edsa Station vice versa, after our guerrilla film scene in that location we moved in Ortigas Center to take another shot that will never forget.

That’s it! A short story of my long weekend vacation! 🙂 You, how did you spend your Halloween vacation?


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