Runners run the Run United Philippine Marathon 2012 undoubtedly!

Last October 28, 2012 is one of the memorable running event in the  Philippine history led by Unilab Active Health in cooperation of team Run Rio spearheaded by Coach Rio Dela Cruz organizer of the event. First Ever Run United Philippine Marathon 2012 highlighted the 42km distance where they are well prepared on how the full marathoners will be proud of their achievement. In my last article ->, I stated that I am planning to be part of this history and join my first marathon, unfortunately I wasn’t able to join the Run United Philippine Marathon 2012 for some reasons, like no enough trainings, workouts and proper preparation for a long distance run.

Instead of participating the RUPM, I was there together with my team Sigue Correr! Runners  to support our team mates who ran the 42km and 21km distance. I came early around 01:30 at SM Mall of Asia where the finish line is located and where the shuttle bus waits for the participants of 42k and 21k that will lead to the runners in BGC where the starting line is set. Waking up early of every runner and months of training – we can see the effort, and how they loved their passion,  just to come early and prepared.

While I’m waiting for my team mates before we go to our designated areas, I had the opportunity to see the arc for the 42k finishers, a red strip of carpet placed straight to the finish line and a group of cow bells. In the assembly area – it is surrounded by a Filipino culture that shows how our people love our own and celebrate their achievements.

When our support team completed, we go ahead in our designated areas where we will conduct to give painkillers for our teammates. We divided into two groups one is in the Buendia Flyover and the other one is near the World Trade Center, about 3.5km for 42k and 2.5km for 21k before the runners reach the finish line. I also had the opportunity to ride on a bike to send their needs and check  who is on their way to our area. When the runners approaching the Buendia/ Roxas Blvd we are there to cheer and motivate the runners. I witnessed the joy and excitement of every participant to get to the finish line as soon as possible to get their finisher’s medal, were about 6.8 inches big. This event will mark in every one’s heart especially for those who are first time in half and full marathon distance aside from the most memorable event they are part of the history of the first ever Run United Philippine Marathon 2012.

When the sun started to shine to greet the festivities of the participants, some of the runners have encountered already the common injuries of runners, the cramps.This support team main purpose is for our first timer team mates who ran the long distance especially our SCR ladies half-marathoners, we are proud of them because they conquered undoubtedly the 21km and our 42k runners who ran boldly throughout the race until they reach the finish line where they goal waits. We are glad also because some of the runners who are not our team mates approached us to assist them in putting some pain killers on their legs to reach the finish line injury free. Besides the injury they also experience difficulty in some of the hydration stations where there are stations ran out of water and energy drink.

Sigue Pahid Team while wiping the painkillers

Despite of some difficulties on the race day itself they still showed the courage and pride that they are one who gave life in the first ever Run United Philippine Marathon 2012. First, Congratulations to ULAH and Run Rio for organizing a big event like this, we are still hoping in the improvement of the race system especially in the hydration where most of the complaints are all about hydration and we are also encouraging runners to participate in every program presented by the organizers not only to maintain the cleanliness of our environment, but also the cleanliness of the running community in the Philippines, where our passion of running started. “Let’s run with discipline and cooperation ;)”. Secondly, Congratulations to all who participated and crossed the finish line, be proud! Lastly, We are proud to our Sigue Correr! Runners participated the event and to our Sigue Pahid team, thank you! Congratulations to all!


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