Ayos Bahay Challenge, successful! – Habitat for Humanity Philippines

Have you heard about Habitat for Humanity Philippines? Their goals in our community? And how they can help to change the outlook of our “kababayans”. Habitat for Humanity Philippines is a non-profit organization in our country that aim to build homes, communities and hope from their good hearts together with their very supportive sponsors and volunteers to make their projects possible.

From the bright ideas of their team, Habitat for Humanity Philippines launched ” Ayos Bahay, Ayos Bahay, Ayos Bayan” as the theme for its 25th year anniversary on May 13, 2012. One of the signatures of the events for this year’s celebration is the Ayos Bahay Challenge, a pro-active disaster response and risk mitigation program of Habitat that targets to distribute shelter repair kits and home improvement kits to disaster-prone areas in the country. The challenge in this event is to respond to the immediate shelter needs of families affected by or susceptible to calamities through shelter repair kits; and to develop shelter preparedness against disasters through home improvement kits.

Last October 20, 2012, the day that I want to share. I am  proud to be one of the volunteers of Habitat for Humanity Philippines in Ayos Bahal Challenge at Payatas Quezon City. This activity remembering my high school days where I am one of the active members of Boy Scout of the Philippines and appointed as a Senior Leader of the school. One of the activities that I loved to do is the community service, aside from rendering a voluntary service you can get a chance also to meet other people. After my unforgettable days, now I’m starting to go back in this  significant activity where I can help others and change their perspective on life through voluntarism. That’s why, when I reached the ads when their team looking for a blogger that will volunteer in distributing of tools in the area, I immediately sent a message that I am very much interested to be part of their project. On the next day I received an invitation from their team, where I am very much excited.

On the day itself in the area which held the distribution of tools, I witnessed and very thankful in this team because they do not loathe to help those in need. I also feel the efforts and time to reach our “kababayans” to respond to their needs in helping fixing their houses damaged by recent typhoons. While waiting the materials and tools to be distributed, a short conversation with Ms. Marla Santiago, staff from Habitat – I asked about how they know and reach Payatas Quezon City to be one their beneficiaries of this project – “Two weeks ago before the event, a group of Civil Engineers students and Professors from Technological University of the Philippines was visiting the site to conduct an interview and assessment in every family about their needs in fixing their houses, aside from interviews they identify also what are the most important tools needed of every house”. Habitat for Humanity is conducting an interview and assessments so they can determine who is much needed their help. They reached the area through the help of Payatas community and followers of Jesus Nazareno Chapel led by Brother Mark Lopez SJ and Bellen Briones, president of the community organization.

The efforts of everyone are worth it, when the tools started to distribute, collaboration brooded on that day. It was fun and great, new experience, met new people and heard some of their stories. I was assigned to assist in checking if the tools of every family are complete. Tools are composed of g. I sheets, fiber cement board, hammer and a financial literacy for disaster preparedness in partnership with Globe Banko –  materials received of each family is based on the assessment – about 200 families are granted (3 g.i sheets or 3 fiber cement board per family).  With these tools though it’s a small help for them but it was a big chance to change their perspective in their life, it is a good start to fix their houses, protection from rain and cold.

I just want to share this video of Ms. Daisy Caraga taken last October 20, 2012 at the Payatas Quezon City distribution of tools.


Aside for this project, we are also given a chance to visit the Bistekville, a housing project of Habitat for Humanity Philippines they are targeting about 350 houses to build in the site. Now, 42 units were built 22 units obtained by school teachers and the 20 units taken by the informal settlers, according to Engr. Romine Clamor, site Engineer of Habitat. We also reached some of the volunteers that allocated time in helping build houses.

Hope this post will give us an awareness that there are lots of people need our help.

“Any help we can give a big change we can render them”

To help:
1. You can deposit:
Account Name: Habitat for Humanity Philippines Foundation, Inc.
BPI Current Account No. 2421-0018-82
Please fax your deposuit slip to 856-5389 with your name and contact details.
2. G-Cash
Send to 2882
3. Online giving
Visit http://www.give2habitat.org/philippines/abc

Thanks Habitat for Humanity Philippines for giving me a chance to be part of the Ayos Bahay Challenge as a volunteer at Payatas, Quezon City last October 20, 2012. A great and enjoyable experience, in this way you’ve given me an opportunity to help our kababayan!

Habitat for Humanity Philippines
Ms. Love Guerrero (Disaster Response Manager)

Staffs:                                                        Jesus Nazareno Chapel
Marla Santiago                                             Bro. Mark Lopez SJ
Katherine Asence
Fairy Malong
Mylene Dela Rosa
Joanne Pancho

Let’s continue to support their advocacy!

Photos from the event:

Verifying their documents
Lolo, was granted a 3 g.i sheets and cement board
Beneficiaries with Brother Mark Lopez SJ
Habitat for Humanity Philippines
Volunteers from JP Morgan

To check other photos you can check this link -> www.facebook.com/jhamjhamrunner


2 thoughts on “Ayos Bahay Challenge, successful! – Habitat for Humanity Philippines”

  1. Thank you so much for volunteering for the Ayos Bahay Challenge! 🙂
    We sincerely appreciate the help that you have extended. We hope to see you in more of our activities.


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