“No Surrender”, “No Exuses”,”No Turning Back” – a memorable experience at Immuvit Fearless Challenge

You can reach my first leg in this link -> Leg 1

You can reach my second leg in this link -> Leg 2

October 6, 2012, I woke up early around 02:30am even I am too sleepy and lazy to get up, after I went to Bonifacio Global City where the Shuttle Bus located going to Nuvali Laguna but the bus was a bit late so we left BGC by 05:00am. Arrived at Nuvali Laguna together with my Sigue Correr! Runners from their team mates house living near Nuvali, I was hesitating to run or not but since that was the last leg of Immuvit I don’t want to miss that one.

This is one of the great experience I ever had, I think it was an ultimate challenge and unforgettable experience for everyone, running on a trail and roads with a total of 16km distance plus hurdling thrilling 16 obstacle challenges waiting on the trail.

To start the race with the presents of our Lord, Race Director Christian Alacar of Withoutlimits led a short prayer for the safety of everyone. The event race was started almost 06:30am where first wave was released. Since I am one of the participants of Wave 4 I had more time to take some photos while waiting our turn.

Starting Line

Fair weather witnessed the adventure waiting on the trail for us. I have no idea about on how far the distance 16k in trail because this was my first time to run a long distance on a trail, but in different obstacle stage I have already checked on that before the race day if I can go across these challenges. When our wave started the first obstacle you need to pass is the Fire Jump, I encountered already in  leg 1 of Immuvit at La Mesa Nature Park. You need to jump over this wood on fire through the next obstacle. I think the distance from one obstacle to another about 1km.

Oil Wall
Tire Mountain

The second obstacle is the Oil Wall,  it’s quite easy but you need to use also your skills to avoid slippery in the oil spread in the wall, to pass this course you need to hold on the rope to go on the top of the wall. After this course you will run back to the road about 200 meters back to the trail to reach the 3rd obstacle course that was located I think 1km. The 3rd course is the Tire Mountain. Tire Mountain is a pile of tires blocked on our way to pass you need to extend your legs when you jump so you can go through easily and to avoid consuming too much time.

After the third course next challenge waited on the race track is the Tire Skip, fourth course. I met this course also in Leg 1 but now, more tires than the previous leg. Back to the trail again and conquer the long route surrounded by tall grasses, next to these trail organizers made to connect the route to an under construction village where some of the construction workers are trying to cheer every runner passing on the route.  A village then go back to a trail course until I reached the fifth, the Log Hurdles, this time Logs are not more durable than the previous one in the La Mesa Nature Park where every log dug in the ground. You must be careful and slowly to avoid an accident, but there’s a marshal holding a moving log and assists runners.

Log Hurdles
jhamjhamrunner with Coach Jim Sarret near Log Hurdles

New adventure waited after Log Hurdles, Sand Bag the sixth course out of 11 obstacles. So, 5 challenges to go before the finish line. In sand bag about 5kls per bag if I’m not mistaken  you must carry this black bag with sand while running for 1km, it’s your choice if you want to bring 1 or 2 bags. Construction site after a one kilometer run with sand bag.

The next stage is the seventh course, the Garter Maze the easiest tests. After this test the real challenge started when I reached the eight courses, I don’t think at this stage my skills will be strained and it will push my limits. On the bank of the river there was a part that you need to resist the torrent of water and careful in transferring from one to another rock. There’s an instance I never really noticed those deep part that turned me to nearly fall down. Almost 1km I conquered the river to reach the bridge which way up to the next course. Back to the trail, in this route I am totally exhausted and dehydrated because hydration a little bit far to another hydration. This trail surprised me a lot, since the place is not familiar I’m always expecting in every corner that there was a hydration or signs that says you are about km to reach the finish line. A very challenging event, starts from the route and next to different obstacle courses. When I off the trail, I looked first the hydration where located near the Military Wall (ninth course).  I had my unforgettable experience in this course, since my legs are tired caused by a long trail, set up by the wall inclined about 95 or 100 degrees. Not just easy to go up to the top but when I stepped my right foot in the ramp and grab the hands of the marshal to avoid falling then suddenly my right leg struck and turn to cramps! Thanks for the medic for their immediate response and to Mr. Jay Em of Proactive and Mr. Christian of WithoutLimits for the assistance.

Garter Maze

Military Wall
Mud Crawl
4ft deep high
Ice Pool

In the last 800m from the finish line  I tried my best to finish the race despite my right leg is aching I continue conquering the last two courses, the Mud Crawl and Ice Pool. After the mud crawl there’s a part of water about 4ft. deep high that we need to cross going to the last obstacle courses located near the football field, Ice Pool. When I reached the last course I took courage because it’s about meters to reach the finish line, that’s why I ran and jump over the wood on fire until I crossed the finish line. Thanks God for the strength and guiding me in the whole race.

Congratulations to all who participated and took courage to finish the race despite of different challenges. I would to thank also the organizing team, Withoulimits and Immuvit for this wonderful event you’ve been held for all the running enthusiasts.

I finished all the three legs of Immuvit Fearless Challenge!

Congratulations to my Sigue Correr! Runners, you did a great job! Lakas! and thanks also to Titanium Runner.

You can check other photos at www.facebook.com/siguecorrer


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