Sigue Correr! Runners rocks the Adidas King and Queen of the Road!

Have you seen us or did you passed in our hydration station last Sunday at Adidas King of the Road? How about high five with Sigue Panda? Sigue Correr! Runners dancing the GangNam Style at Assembly Area? These are some of the activities that mark in all the participants’ mind who conquered with this event.

When our team was invited to join the Hydration and Cheering competition after Run United Leg 2, we’ve started to do some preparation on how we can make the runners feel that they are the King and Queen of the event. This was introduced by Titanium Runner when we met at an event launching somewhere in Bonifacio Global City. This contest aims to cheer the runners or make a gimmick along the route.

It was early in the morning when we met at Bonifacio Global City with my team since we advised us to come early. Not enough sleep but excited because this was the first time that our team will exposed totally to all running enthusiasts. While waiting for the gun starts and runners to pass in our station we are practicing our cheering yel, testing of our recycled percussion and preparing our hydration station.

We have grouped ourselves in two teams in this part (10) ten SCR members was assigned in hydration area who will assist in giving the hydration water and 100 plus. And the rest was in the cheering and dancing. In this activity, my members amazed me because of their talents in dancing, resourcefulness and creativity especially in producing our Sigue Panda (You know who you are guys 😉 I’m proud of you! ).

When the race started and the runners approaching towards our hydration loud noise dominates in our place cheering the participants of 16.8 km runners, the first category released. And the exciting part has begun when 2 or 3 runners are passing we just cheer only to reserve our energy in the real crowd to present our GangNam Style dance. Runners are glad, enjoyed and inspired while crossing in our location.

On our part we are not just only enjoyed the event it was a test also on how far we can go for the team in different journeys, it measures also our patience, unity camaraderie and cooperation to make this presentation exciting. We prepare and plan this for almost two weeks, we met at Ayala Tri to teach our team mates the dance steps, they went to their team mates house to make Sigue Panda possible. Below are some of the photos taken when we are taking our dance practice.

Despite of our busy schedules at work we procure to finish the presentation before the event.

We’re glad on the race day itself because runners are keeping high five and dance with the cheerers too and run with Sigue Panda. Hydration team met the incoming runners to give bananas.

After all this effort, Titanium Runner went in our station ( In this competition there 3 prizes to be given away from 1st, 2nd and 3rd participants). I’m a little bit excited to announce who won the first prize, judges chosen Sigue Correr! Runners to win the first prize in Hydration and Cheering Competition of Adidas King of the Road. Here’s my reaction to this announcement! 😀

I’m very proud to my Sigue Correr! Runners

Worth it all the efforts made by each members to make our presentation successful.

Titanium Runner awarded the prize.

After awarding the prize to our team, We ran with the last runners to the finish line. Here’s the video taken by Raffy SCR Runner 00931:

While taking our group photos in the assembly area team decided to dance the Gangnam style to entertain the other participants staying in the assembly area.

Video link taken by Boogie ->

Everyone made our day! We would like to say thank you to all the supporters of Sigue Correr! Runners, to your warmed welcome to our team mascot, Sigue Panda. Congratulations to all who conquered and crossed the finish line! Will see you on the next race guys, keep running!

Proactive organizer of the event for inviting us to be part of their success!

I would like to thank also my Sigue Correr! Runners team! You made the Adidas King of the Road rocks! Thank you so much for the patience and efforts.

Thanks God for giving me an opportunity to have this group of special people who are living in my house, Sigue Correr! Runners. Kudos guys!


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